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Site's statement

RegionsJob connects 10 000 companies with 3,5 millions candidates from 4 major communities :

  • Candidates from Paris and Ile-de-France
  • Candidates spread within the French Regions
  • Digital experts
  • Executive managers

It is the reference for jobs and training online, assisting recruiters in their everyday HR tasks. With a unique geographical split, the RegionsJob websites ensure proximity, which facilitates meetings between candidates and recruiters. As a pioneer in applying web technologies to the job market, RegionsJob scans, decrypts and innovates, to provide useful solutions for successful recruiting.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Earlier this year, the French job board group RegionsJob changed its name to HelloWork. The RegionsJob website continues to exist, but the new name aims to avoid any confusion for the other job boards and to enable the expansion of the brand. Now that they own a number of smaller job boards, it makes sense to invest in proper international friendly branding (for more information, we wrote about the change in August). Since 2000, the national generalist job board has been helping recruiters find candidates, and jobseekers find jobs or courses. It continues to attract 1.83 million views a month (but that's only the RegionsJob website, not the 8 different portals) and has followers on Twitter (32 800), on Facebook (70 306) and on Linkedin (4 451 for the HelloWork account). To use RegionsJob, you simply click on your region and you are redirected to your local portal (the most popular are Paris, Ouest and Rhone-Alpes). Links to the other HelloWork websites are in the footer.

Design: On the main homepage, RegionsJob strives to showcase all of their services as clearly as possible. Obviously, the search engine (location, industry, type of contract) is at the top of the page with optional filters to display (keywords, level of study, experience, type of company and whether it is handicap friendly). A map to help pick one of the eight job portals lights up and, depending on which one you choose, you can see the number of jobs in every region (Estjob), in that specific region (OuestJob) or just in one city (RhoneAlpesJob). Jobseeker? Leave a CV. Recruiter? Post an advert. The articles, the industries and the cities also appear on the homepage (with images for some of them). Other interesting tools are the job sheets and the popular searches. Even though there are hundreds of job sheets to choose from, the industries appear slightly limited. The “About us” section leads to the HelloWork homepage so that users can get a global idea of all of RegionsJob’s various portals, but unfortunately, basic information about the company origins can be hard to find. The company pages are customized, which means one page can be radically different to another, but easy to navigate all the same. As for the job listing, the information is clear and publication dates are visible.

The job board objective: By focusing on different regions, RegionsJob makes it easy to find work close to home.

Recruiter observations: When you access the recruiter section, you are redirected to HelloWork. The chat support is only for recruiters (as is the phone number). It seems a shame to have gone to the trouble of making it seem like a person is answering (the photo, the somewhat witty answers) since the responses appear instantaneously (so you know it’s a robot). The robot asks for information about your recruiting needs, takes your number, and promises the team will call you back within two hours. You can’t just create an account.

Jobseeker observations: You don’t need any account to apply to job offers. If you do choose to create an account, you can with Linkedin, Facebook or an e-mail address and it will be valid for all the RegionsJob portals. When you fill out the form, you need to include your last job, current annual salary, the type of contract and the job title you want.

The job offers: In total, there are 55 014 job offers and thousands of internships on the job board.

Reactivity: They have a robotic chat support on the recruiter page.  They answer very quickly on Twitter, but the sales e-mail address doesn’t work.

Special features: Job sheets (which you can search by name, by salary or by level of education); the different colours for the websites by region; company pages (in alphabetical order; possible to filter by temporary work, recruitment agencies, companies and ESN); the blog du modérateur; the blog mode d’emploi; job alerts.

Verdict: The job sheets are quite interesting and the job offers are varied. As one of the biggest job boards in France, it would be madness not to use it for your job search or your recruitment campaign.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities

RegionsJob communicates towards French speaking candidates through: · Sponsoring · Online advertising · Partnership with job/student fairs · Search Engine Optimization

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Facebook · France Inter · France Info · France Bleu · NRJ · La Banque Postale · Le Télégramme · Futura Sciences.

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