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Site's statement Recruitment Team offers a very professional service in the field of recruitment and finding high level professionals for managerial positions for various industries and companies in Albania & Kosovo. Our expertise and success in this field is based on a very good knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate in and a very rich network and database we have.

Through the use of a wide range of recruitment tools and techniques, we properly assess the knowledge and skills of candidates according to the specific requirements of each position. Each candidate is subject to technical and psychometric tests, cognitive and professional interviews in the processes they participate in.

Our customers appreciate us for our expertise, valuable information we share with them and our commitment to their success and to the candidates we present.

The recruitment processes we provide are cost affordable and suitable for every business and company and this based on flexibility and our will to provide the best services to companies and professionals.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2009 by BM Consulting Services (despite what the Linkedin page says), DuaPune is a generalist national job board in Albania. BM Consulting Services is a business support organisation founded in 2005 with a focus on the Baltic countries with recruiting expertise in the area. Back in 2011, the website had a different blue design (which you can see in their Youtube videos) and it went a yellowish orange colour in 2012. Even if the social media links malfunction, DuaPune does have a page on Twitter (461 followers), on Linkedin (662) and one on Facebook (150 196). Per month, the job board attracts about 60 620 views and it accommodates for the different linguistic preferences of its users with an English, Albanian and Italian version. The website is present in Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia.

Design: The focus of the job board is on job offers, but there are still a number of additional features. The homepage has a search engine (keywords, category and location) over an image of the Skanderbeg Monument (commemorating the nobleman, George Castriot, who led the rebels against the Ottoman Empire). The number of active jobs, jobseekers and employers are also visible (which seem to be accurate). The logo is of a bee (which might be a reference to the Be'lietta shqipe'tare (the Albanian Bee), the first compilation of folklore recounting Albanian customs. If you wish to cull the results, you can use the filters (keywords, the company name, the country, the city, the category, the job type, the experience and the wages). You can also tick the following boxes: customer service, recruitment and premium. There are publication and expiry dates and the job offers specify if they want applicants to provide a photo and/or a cover letter.

The job board objective: Dua Pune (which means, “I want job”) is proud of being the intermediary, putting employers and candidates in contact.

Recruiter observations: When you register, the recruiter and jobseeker forms appear next to each other. Foreign companies are advised to contact the team directly.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account but DuaPune should probably rethink the colour scheme for the automatic e-mail (blue on blue). You can apply through the website but most offers request that applicants use a particular e-mail address (which they provide).

The job offers: There are currently 350 job offers. Most of the job categories have between 10 and 30 job offers, with administrational jobs at the top of the list.

Reactivity: They answered within a day.

Special features: The testimonials (at the bottom of the homepage on the side); the insistent unhappy bee advert on Youtube; the blog (in Albanian – including articles on how ants are productive, the most innovative universities and more! Many subcategories); the salary breakdown (which can tell you how much you cost your employer); the calendar; photos from career fairs staff attended; the videos; the CV example; feedback and share your story (which don’t actually work); the career guide (that you can only view with Adobe Flash Player).

Verdict: We loved the blog ideas and the website is easy to use. We also liked the subtle references to important aspects of Albania’s history.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities has been the leading online job site in Albania & Kosovo since 2009.

Put your trust in a job site that will best represent your business: is a reputable brand with proven market success and is widely considered to be an e-services success story.

Expand your job reach to passive candidates through social media and strong online content: has established a large growing social media community of over 300,000 fans and produces an educational blog for jobseekers and employers.

Benefit from a wealth of local recruitment data: has the largest market employment data in the region and publishes its employment index frequently.


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Michalle Ganemberg  - Recruiter  - 33 reviews
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Michalle Ganemberg comment :

Great job board for local recruitment. i recommend it
Rated on 14-03-2017

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