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Site's statement is the pioneer and market leader in online recruitment in Morocco. Since its launch in 2006, has become a major operator engaged in developing the employment market. They offer assistance to candidates, HR services with significant added value, cutting-edge job search, online tests and Human Resources IT solutions. According to the latest survey of customer satisfaction : 95% of customers are satisfied.

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Summary: Created back in 2006 by a French couple (Philippe and Alexandra Montant), ReKrute has become one of the top mutli-country generalist job boards in North Africa. With over 1 400 job offers on their website alone, it is an essential part of the recruitment industry in Morocco (Linkedin offers a similar number of jobs). A year after it was launched, AmalJOB was created but ReKrute remained on top after its rapid rise to fame (they went from 490K visits in February 2015 to 960K visits in March 2015). Even with on the market, ReKrute still offers 5 times more jobs in Morocco than the Middle Eastern job board giant. They continue to gather information about what people actually want to see in a business and the feedback has kept them on top.

Design: They emphasize the “k” in their logo for reasons unbeknownst to us, but we like the design nonetheless. It appears on their other websites too in different colours. The design seems to represent unity and connections (with all the sparkly, spinning shapes on the homepage). There is a big emphasis on the company names, the logo and what each company has to offer. A very appealing and simple-to-use layout. You just know you’re dealing with professionals who deal with professionals to create more professionals. They are ranked 173rd on the most visited websites list, 268 executives are recruited on ReKrute every day.

The job board objective: One of the first of its kind in Morocco, ReKrute aims to improve the job market in Morocco and North Africa.

Recruiter observations: You can’t just sign on to ReKrute. You fill out the online form and then they choose whether or not you are worthy of their website.

Jobseeker observations: Simple to sign up, friendly automatic emails to keep you updated on the website activity and a straightforward structure for the job offers including an overview of the company, the available positions, the candidate profile and the type of contract on offer. If you’re between the ages of 25 and 40 and you want to work for some of the biggest companies in the area, then Rekrute is the way to go.

The job offers: The brand of the company is very important so you’ll mostly be finding jobs in big companies.

Reactivity: They send out automatic messages to keep you updated when you subscribe or ask questions. Still waiting for a real answer.

Special features: The “happyatwork” survey, additional HR tools (like e-tests and software), a separate website for the managers and leaders market (, a separate website for their e-learning software and HR advice (

Verdict: If you are recruiting in Morocco, you should definitely use ReKrute. It truly is one of the best in the region, and a trusted brand name, which is particularly important to young working Moroccans.

Morocco recruitment market status

Higher education plays a very critical role. It has a diverse market oriented economy which benefits greatly from its proximity to Europe. The Economy is dependent on the agricultural sector. The Government is currently encouraging foreigners to invest in the country which will increase the number of start up of international and multinational companies. If you are a native English speaker then finding a job as a teacher in a international or an English language school would be a good option. Working in Morocco without speaking fluent French or Arabic will be very difficult. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

ReKrute follows several marketing initiatives:

  • Ad campaign for candidates
  • Elearning launching event for clients
  • Job fairs BTOB & BTOC
  • Rally Sponsor Virtual Job fair (the first and only one in Morocco)

Latest innovations

New website design

New Mobile apps

New e-learning Website


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Media Partners

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