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Site's statement is the #1 website for building and construction activities. Posting your adverts on ensures you with an qualified and an optimum audience from the sector professionals.

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Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Le Moniteur Emploi is part of a larger group of French job boards, which belong to Emploi Pro. This one focuses on construction jobs and attracts an impressive 119 060 visits a month, despite targeting a difficult industry. The views come from France, as well as Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia and Mali. Social media, the team has abandoned their 230 Twitter followers since 2014, but they remain active for the 4 995 on Facebook. There is a Viadeo page as well. When you click on the “About us” section, you are transferred to the EmploiPro site. According to the page, it regroups 6 different job sites, but it only displays 5 (and Le Moniteur Emploi is not one of them). All the sites have the same design.

Design: Many of the links on the page lead back to the parent job board, like the company pages. The homepage doesn’t take up the full screen, which makes the site seem slightly outdated. The featured search engines are for a CV upload or a recruiter login and the actual job search engine (keywords and location) appears underneath. The site suggests some job titles, the latest offers, news and guides. You can also click on recruiter names on the right-hand side, which lead directly to the company website. In the job listing, the filters (sector, experience, function, type of contract) remain at the top of the page (like an advanced search). The number of offers per category are visible. All the offers seem to be “specially selected by Le Moniteur” and most of them have a logo. Either you are redirected to another page, or the offer has a standard format, with useful information at the top, a company description, the job and the profile.

The job board objective: With a focus on BTP (which means “building and public construction”), Le Moniteur features employment for a niche job board, but benefits from belonging to a larger group.

Recruiter observations: The recruiter page leads to an EmploiPro page. By advertising on one site, you also appear on the partner sites. If you would like to recruit through the site, you must complete a form.

Jobseeker observations: When you create an account, you’re actually creating an account on EmploiPro, and not Le Moniteur Emploi. For most of the job offers, you are redirected to the company page.

The job offers: There are currently 3 110 job offers on the site. Most of the jobs are in the public service. Oddly enough, the sum of the numbers in the filters doesn’t add up to the featured number off job offers on the site.

Reactivity: --

Special features: Courses; the guides (on EmploiPro); newsletter; the top recruitment salon (including videos); the partners; the news articles (with different categories).

Verdict: Even if LeMoniteur Emploi shares many pages with EmploiPro and the design isn’t as fancy as it might be on other job boards, this is definitely a site worth looking into if you are employing construction workers.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Recrutment fairs & forums: Our teams meet every year the sector young graduates and executives: APEC Fair, ETP Forums, ESAM...and other professional fairs such as Batimat … Privileged sponsor of students events such as Regattas, horse competition, integration seminars, galas… EX : Course de l’EDHEC, Jump ETP, Gala ESTP, Gala ENSAM… Organisation of Construction HR Clubs in the whole country: Paris, Lyon, Metz, Nantes, Marseille.


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