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The world's leading financial careers website and the place to go for the best financial candidates.

You’re a financial professional

If you’re a financial professional, we’ll give you the vital edge you need to maximise your career. Invaluable industry insights, for example. Access to career-changing roles from across the industry from leading brands to niche boutiques. Not to mention news and analysis, career-shaping advice and professional opinion.

In short, we focus on helping you be first in line, and best prepared. We make sure you know about the latest opportunities and have the best market intelligence – wherever and whenever you need it.

You’re recruiting financial services talent

If you’re recruiting financial services talent, we’ll help you gain a vital edge over your competitors. Our advanced recruitment solutions will enable you to source the talent you need, quickly and efficiently.

You’ll have access to the largest pool of top talent with the right mix of skills – who are keen to progress their career to the next level. And that access, together with our invaluable market intelligence, is tailored to the changing needs of your business – allowing you to leverage a tangible competitive advantage.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2000, eFinancialCareers is a DHi service based in London and the leading financial job portal. For a time, it belonged to, which was created by Dow Jones in 2009, but FINS became a part of DHi in 2012 and now redirects to the eFinancialCareers specialist job board. If you visit the DHi website, it is more focused on showcasing Dice than eFinancialCareers unfortunately. And if you check out the “About us” section, “it’s actually about you” (cute, but uninformative). Luckily, there is also an “Editorial Team” section, with detailed material about staff (one member has actually left according to Linkedin). According to SimilarWeb, 426 420 visits are recorded per month for the UK portal and that’s just one of 19 countries in which the job board has set up shop. On social media, there are 178 413 followers on Facebook, 30 480 on Linkedin and 9 313 on Twitter.

Design: There are no particular “business” photos, but the website doesn’t need them to display its professionalism. The search engine (keywords and location) is at the top of the page. Strangely enough for a job board, more than half of the page is full of articles (first news, then advice). The bottom half of the homepage focuses on the job search with an explanation of how to use the site, popular job sectors, jobs for your and jobs by company. When you access the job listing, you can use the filters (the posted date, the sector, the position type, the employment type, the experience level and the salary range – numbers for each category are in brackets). In the list, the salary, location, contract hours, company and updates date are visible (but no logos). The featured companies aren’t necessarily hiring, most of them are though.

The job board objective: With a focus on finance, eFinancialCareers provides its users with intuitive articles and relevant job offers.

Recruiter observations: In the recruiter section, there are additional articles. To actually post a job or to create an account, you need to contact the team or request a call back. Oddly enough, the recruiter section is not https:// secure.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account and upload a CV. Their resume parser makes it lets tedious to fill out the online form. You do have to complete what’s missing though and change your CV status to visible.

The job offers: The sectors with the most job offers are IT, accounting & finance and asset management, but many other sectors also have hundreds of job offers. The sector information is the same on all of the websites. There are currently 14 999 vacancies on eFinancialCareers UK (3 189 jobs in the UK). Some job offers are as old as 6 months old.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The job offer views; the job offer applicants; the news and advice articles (quite interesting); CV visibility status.

Verdict: Something about eFinancialCareers feels very impersonal. That said, the articles are interesting and the job offers are clear, so it’s worth using if you are in the field of finance.

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Want to know how we became the world’s leading financial services careers website?

We did it by focussing on you.

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