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Site's statement lists thousands of jobs in all major industry sectors from countries across Europe, North America, South America, Asia or Middle East. connects the best in talent with the best in recruitment and strives to make job searching and job advertising more effective with superior recruitment technology

For jobseekers

Registered users of can receive email job alerts, apply for vacancies from any mobile device, manage their applications, create their candidate profile and store their CV securely online. 
Jobseekers can also make their profile visible and available to be searched for by thousands of recruitment agencies or employers.
Jobseekers can search and apply to any interesting job offer using the Facebook recruitment application app. 


For recruiters

Registered employers can select and use a range of services or applications including: job posting with applicant management, search throughout the resume database, track applications, use statistical tools. allows registered employers to easily post a job on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts without leaving our job portal.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is a Romanian job board;

  • The website is available in both Romanian and English which is great for international users
  • The design is modern, eye-catching and attractive and it is clear to use 
  • On the homepage there are sections for job seekers and recruiters but there are no featured lists so all job offers are under the same categorisation
  • To search for an offer, you can only use the general search by entering key words, classification, work type, region and location
  • This site also offers career counselling for job seekers

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

  • Marketing Online
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media promo
  • Google ads
  • Events

Latest innovations

  • Job App for iPhone
  • Job App for Android
  • CV Parser
  • Recruitment App for Facebook
  • Website optimised for mobile devices
  • Responsive website 
  • CV critique services

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Media Partners

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or applications

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