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More than an online ranking of jobs, we are a pioneer company in our segment. We are people working for people. Our main objective is to guarantee the perfect meeting between candidates and companies, going beyond the announcement of the vacancy and offering a series of tools and contents that allow the candidate to get a job and build a career and that allow the company to hire the professional who will do the difference.

More than just a jobsite, we at Catho, are pioneers in our industry, people working for people. Since1996, we twork together for the success of our clients, and to help job seekers looking for a job and a career.

Today, we are part of the SEEK group, the world leader in online recruitment for market value, which promises to bring even more innovation and growth to our company. Find out more about our tools at

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2000, Catho is a popular generalist job board in Brazil.  Just take a look at the traffic if you need convincing: 12.41 million visits are recorded each month. Furthermore, the site has followers on a number of different social media platforms: 39 500 on Twitter, 173 268 on LinkedIn, 48 291 on YouTube and 518 741 on Facebook. This is a testament to the diversity of the candidates using the site. In 2016, the company was acquired by Seek, the leading job site in Australia. You can find information about some of the current employees on crunchbase.

Design: The Catho website has a large blue rectangle featured in the middle of the homepage for the search engine (location and keywords), but the rest of the site is mostly a light grey colour. There are four featured job offers on the homepage (which include the salary), featured companies (which really do have job offers, since the number of which is visible before visiting the page) and testimonials. When you access the listing, there are filters (keywords, location, salary, type of contract, additional filters) on the left-hand side, which can actually be expanded to include an additional eight filters:  business nationality, level in the company, company size, type of handicap, publication date, sector, branch in the company and job title. You don’t need to changes pages to view more information for the job offers and salary, publication dates and the number of vacant positions are already visible in the listing.

The job board objective: Catho catered to jobseekers and recruiters by offering clear job information as well as courses and a salary guide.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters have a different homepage promoting the various services. Even if you can post for free (in theory), you must provide a CNPJ number and a postcode.

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers can sign up with Facebook or an e-mail address. The site asks for a phone number and a CPF number (tax file number). You must also include information on disabilities. If you have an account on the site, you can sign up for free “fast courses”. Jobseekers can only use the site for free for 1 month; then they must pay.

The job offers: There are currently 207 356 job offers on the site. Half of the job offers have a salary under R$ 2 000 (450,40 euros).

Reactivity: You can contact the team through Facebook

Special features: The sign language man, Hugo; the awards; the security badges; the app; the YouTube videos; online tests for candidates; the past events; the international partners; the key figures; chat support; the salary checker (for employers); testimonials; the salary and career guide (which lead to job sheets, current vacancies, courses); fast courses; job alerts; interview simulator;

Verdict: If you want to use Catho, you’ll need to be in Brazil (even if you’re a jobseeker) because of the strict requirements to create an account. The disability options and tools are a great initiative and the site offers many other services.

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Marketing activities

Catho take part to most of the largest students and HR events in Brazil.

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Seek (Australia’s #1 Job Site), OCC Mundial, JobStreet, Zhaopin, JobsDB

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Probably the best jobboard in Brazil to recruit all kind of peole
Rated on 03-11-2015

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