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Kariera is the leading recruitment website in Greece. was founded in 1997 in order to fill up the lack of information about the employment market, and to help young job seekers find jobs. During the following years, the company grew up very quickly, always developping new products and services. Since October 2007, Kariera is a member of Careerbuilder's network. This partnership brought thousands of new candidates worldwide in the website.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Kariera was founded in 1996 and became a part of CareerBuilder in 2007. So Kariera used to be a stand alone generalist job board in Greece and now belongs to a much larger international group. It even has the familiar logo. On social media, it has 8 951 followers on Twitter, 81 006 on Facebook and another 31 864 on LinkedIn. Definitely a good investment on CareerBuilder’s part because Kariera attracts almost 1 million visitors check month to its site.

Design: The search engine (location and keywords) appears as the focus of the homepage, above hiring companies (which are really hiring), different job categories, events and articles. In the job listing, the offers are sorted by relevance or date and filtered by the publication date, the type of contract, the category, the zone and the city. In the listing, you can see the publication date, the location, the job title and the logo (if there is one). Since the offers are in boxes or clearly defined separate sections, it’s highly recommended  to include a logo. The offers themselves are standardised to follow the same basic format. Companies don’t have pages, but you can find listings of their current jobs.

The job board objective: Created by youths for youths, today, Kariera hopes to helps all Greeks find the perfect job.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can order job adverts through the website. A company phone number is required to set up an account though.

Jobseeker observations: To create an account, a CV, a city and postcode are required.

The job offers: There are currently over 3 000 job offers on the site. Most of them are in sales, customer service and IT.

Reactivity: --

Special features: Job alerts; partner links (like the codingschool link); the blog; the financial information (in the “About us” section); the “How to” section; feedback options.

Verdict: As far as Greek job boards go, Kariera is up there with the best of them. It also benefits from being a part of an international group.

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Annnn Aahhh  - Recruiter  - 2 reviews
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Annnn Aahhh comment :

no English version. Customer service does not really exist, especially after 5pm. Difficult to use. Expensive.
Rated on 31-07-2018

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