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Site's statement

Trabajando is one of the largest network of job sites in Latin America, working in close relation with companies, universities, professional institutes, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and media. Member of Santander Group company, it has develop a software called ESAF, designed to facilitate the placement of the world's most prestigious universities students and graduates.

Our mission is to increase the efficiency, flexibility and transparency of the labor market.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Trabalhando is a very popular generalist job board in Brazil.

  • Job offers are varied in terms of positions and sectors.
  • The design and user exeperience could be improved, as some may feel like there is too much information on the website which is potentially confusing.
  • You have to create an account before you can apply to any job offer which is quite restricting.
  • The only language option is Portuguese so a translation of the website into English would be appreciated by all international jobseekers and employers willing to do business in Brazil.
  • The filter options are very limited so it is very difficult to access the job offers that suit your search

Brazil recruitment market status

Summary: Trovit is a job aggregator, now based in 53 countries; but it could also be categorized as a classifieds website since they specialize in advertising homes, car, jobs and sometimes products. Depending on where you are, Trovit doesn’t necessarily reach as many people and you can’t always be redirected to other job boards. These countries only use Trovit as a search engine: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.

Design: The layout is very similar to Google’s, which makes sense because they aim to offer a similar service: gathering information from all over the web relating to specific topics and helping fit the adverts into organized sections. A few pop-ups, but they aim to keep that to a minimum.

The job board objective: Simplifying job searches. There is a huge emphasis on understanding the users and the data that helps stay on top of what the people want.

Recruiter observations: --

Jobseeker observations: Being able to access many job offers from all over the web in one location makes Trovit a mini-Google.

The job offers: The large array of jobs are sorted by the profession, the region, the contract and the work hours (full time/ part time).

Reactivity: No country will let you post through Trovit.

Special features: Personalized alerts for job searches, centralization of different classifieds and job offers, personalized web addresses for each version of Trovit (depending on the country), icons to help navigate around the website.

Verdict: If you are a jobseeker, go ahead: it’s a practical search engine. If you are a recruiter, you can’t use Trovit other than to see what the competition is up to.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

We post articles and job offers on our Twitter (more than 10K followers) and Facebook (more than 22K fans) accounts. We are also active on LinkedIn.

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