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Site's statement, part of the CareersinAudit Group, is the leading job board and career resource for Cyber Security, IT Governance and Technology Risk professionals.

We advertise all Cyber Security, IT Governance and Technology Risk related roles from Assistants and Analysts through to Heads of Department and Directors, spanning Information Security, Data Protection, IT Security, IT Regulation, Computer Crime, Data Security, Security Analysis, Security Architecture, Systems Management, Network Security, Application Programming and Pen Testing. is also a commentator for the industry, providing access to a range of valuable resources including exclusive career advice articles, industry surveys, job-seeker tips, candidate profiles and an exclusive discussion forum, as well as reporting on the latest current affairs and issues affecting the Cyber Security industry today.

If you are looking to hire professional Cyber Security or IT Governance staff, please contact us on or call +44 (0)20 7553 6350 for more information.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Established in 2005 by two ex-Auditors looking for a sector-specific online recruitment service, the privately owned specialist job board was the first of its kind. It specializes in Cyber Security jobs. The history of the website and statistics about the candidates are also in the “About Us” section of CareersinAudit. Even if the design is a little austere (partially because of the blue and grey colour scheme), CareersinAudit is easy-to-use and a popular choice when it comes to Audit professions. On social media, it has 61 members on Linkedin, 57 on Facebook and 251 on Twitter. There are four different partner websites, many contact numbers and four different locations.

Design: Unlike the other Careersin___ job boards, CareersinCyberSecruity was created by volcanic so the design was slightly different.  Now, the site has gone back to the Madgex design. The focus of the homepage is the job search, followed by featured companies and jobs and finally the career advice articles. To access the job listing, you can use the search engine in three parts (keywords, location and radius) or the jobs by type, by employer sector and by location just under it (including numbers in brackets). The filters are the job type, the business sector, the location, the salary, the contract type, hours and travel. There is a company listing, where each company page includes the name, logo and a description. As a rule, the pages are standardized, but some are slightly different. You even have a search engine to find the company you want.

The job board objective: CareersinCyberSecurity make it easy for professionals in cyber security and other such fields to find work.

Recruiter observations: Pricing information and key figures are available on the website. When creating an account, you can mark your account as “VAT exempt”. For your adverts, you need to include a percentage for travel, the salary, a salary description and how you would like to receive applicants.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account. To apply to job offers, a CV is necessary and you’ll probably have to write a short message.

The job offers: The most popular sectors are banking & finance and financial services. There are 105 job offers in total.

Reactivity: They answer very quickly and will answer anything you need to know about recruiting through their job board and employment in cyber security.

Special features: Job alerts; the blog (with many subcategories); the courses; job of the week; the awards page.

Verdict: CareersinCyberSecurity is a great website for anyone in that specific field. It’s clear, easy-to-use and recruiters can use it without having to contact a middleman. It’s not as developed as the CareersinAudit website, but it’s not bad all the same.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Featured monthly in the leading Cyber Security and Technology publications, as well as career websites, is at the forefront of current affairs and issues affecting Cyber Security and IT Governance professionals today.

The site is an active user of social media to promote services offered, job vacancies listed and share career advice. With over 40,000 professional followers across the group social media network (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Instagram and Twitter), reaches the largest professional Cyber Security audience anywhere online. also hosts many exclusive career advice articles on cyber security related topics that cannot be found on any other site.

Aggregators &
Media Partners is a privately owned and operated niche job board, which is part of the wider CareersinAudit Group of job boards.

The CareersinAudit Group comprises of five specialist market-leading job boards covering Audit, Risk, Compliance, Cyber Security and Analytics, providing candidates across the world for the ever-growing global industry staffing requirements within these areas:

The CareersinAudit Group are not affiliated with any recruitment agencies or media companies and being entirely privately-owned ensures that we can continue to provide an impartial service for our candidates and clients alike.


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