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Site's statement

Europe Language Jobs is an online job board specialised in candidates with languages around Europe. We operate as a meeting point for applicants to post their CV and companies searching for individuals working in industries such as Contact Centre, Engineering, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical & Life Science, Sales & Marketing and Shared Services and Finance. We provide applicants access to job offers and other services offered by Europe Language Jobs, and enable them to edit and manage their CV’s by means of a private account. Applicants can search and apply for jobs directly through Europe Language Jobs and track the status of their application. Companies are able to publish job vacancies and manage applicants by means of a internal dashboard account. We will soon implement the functionality of allowing companies to search in our candidate database to actively find their perfect fit.

The Company's Mission: - Who we are: Europe Language Jobs is an online job portal addressed to multilingual profiles. - What we offer: We strive to offer the greatest meeting point for candidates and companies to find the perfect fit. We want our users to know that we work every day to achieve an excellent service and offer a personal treatment to make your job search a better experience. The company's vision: - To be a vital reference in the employment sector in Europe. - To continuously work hard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services. - To become a team that will dovetail to obtain maximum effectiveness. - To serve as a source of geographical mobility in Europe. The company's values: Service, Dedication, Quality, Innovation, Dynamism, Humility, Transparency, Professionalism, European Integration, Diversity and Passion.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Inspired by Erasmus and other similar European associations, Europe Language was founded by Carlos Valcárcel Cobo in 2012. The young Spaniard wanted to make finding jobs overseas easier for travelling youths, which is why the focus of the job board is indeed young adults who speak several languages. Despite a slow beginning, Europe Language Jobs in currently among the top 1 000 job boards in the world, receiving 458 390 visits per month, with most of the activity coming from Eastern Europe, Italy and Spain. They have candidates from 49 countries and they speak 57 different languages between them. On social media, Linkedin is by far the most popular choice with 18 231 followers.

Design: On the homepage, three aspects of the site are featured: the novelty of the job board, the registration process and their success. Below that, some job offers are featured, some partners and listed and the blog articles are also visible. On the job page, some companies appear above the offers (those that are not hiring just indicate “show company”). The filters include keywords, countries, sectors and languages. It’s a bit of a shame that such an international website should only be available in English (and with such a multicultural team). Each job offer includes a description, the requirements and the offer. Skills, languages (including the level required) and important information (company name, experience, contract duration, salary, type of hours, number of vacancies) are also present on the left-hand side.  The website also has company profiles (with videos, images, current job offers), some testimonials from companies and it indicates if few people have applied to the job offer.

The job board objective: The job board hopes to make finding a job overseas easier by highlighting the language skills of its candidates.

Recruiter observations: To create an employer account, you need to have a company website (but they do not check it) and the VAT number is optional. A staff member calls you before your account can be accepted. By creating an account, you gain access to pricing information. They also ask how many people work in the company and how many people you hope to recruit. The dashboard is simple with credits, job offers and views all visible.  As for the adverts, they can be posted in various languages.

Jobseeker observations: To create an account, you can use Linkedin, Facebook or an e-mail address (and they also encourage you to link your profile to your social media and/or blog). If you do not have the correct mandatory languages, you cannot apply to the job offer. There is no publication date or deadline, but if you choose to apply to an offer, you are either redirected to the company page, or a list of job offers (with the publication date) from the same company or in the same field. On your profile, you can include information about your visa. Customer service, finance, IT, engineering and pharmaceuticals are suggested for the area of interest (everything else is in other).

The job offers: According to the website, most of their candidates are looking for jobs in customer service, marketing, translation and finance. It is difficult to say about many jobs they have in the various industries. You can choose to see only new openings (there are currently 18).

Reactivity: It took about a day for them to call us back.

Special features: The blog (with many different categories); “Be one of the first to apply”; The 30 day challenge; youtube videos; TopCV review.

Verdict: You will need to wait a day for answers, but they take the time to call. However, it's a shame not to have more information about the job offers.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

At the moment Europe language Jobs recieves around 700 new multilingual candidates everyday and we have more than 4000 active job offer in 48 different locations and 33. We are a strong job board in social media channels where we get almost half of our traffic thanks to engaging well with our audience. Recently we have lunched the 30 day challenge a campaign where we helped students find a job with different tips and tricks. YOu can still find information on our blog: 



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