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Life is too short not to enjoy what you do every day. At Monster our goal is to help you make the most of the 80 or 90 years you have on this planet by connecting you to the real world opportunities that can help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

Whether you're thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction... Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you.

Monster, the Pioneers in e-recruitment. At Monster, our constant endeavour is to find the right candidate for you. It is a promise that we have made to you and most important to ourselves. In fact, it is our passion - finding the right candidate - no matter what.

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Summary: Monster is one of the oldest job boards around, since it was created in 1994. Depending on the country, the website has different particularities and exposure. In Singapore, the generalist job board gets 355 390 visits per month (only half of which are actually from Singapore), keeps its 9 302 Facebook followers and 395 Twitter followers updated. There are also 33 followers on Youtube. This particular Monster is quite user-friendly and has quite a bit to offers its recruiters and jobseekers alike. The job board has an interesting blog and it makes a clear stand on women in the workforce with a blog section and job section just for them. Job offers are easy to access (but not always updated). Since Asian countries have a high level of vulnerable employment, it’s no surprise to see a number of clearly marked “contract jobs”.

Design: Being in the Asian region, the “Monster” logo is in small letters. At the top of the page, an employer button makes it simple for a recruiter to find useful information. To access the jobs, you can click on a recommended job or the “search” button next to the search engine in two parts (keywords and experience). Most of the featured companies are hiring. Each job offer in the listing includes the title, company name, location, experience needed, a summary, key skills, the publication date and a small logo. They can be filtered by the location, the industry, the function, the type, the experience, the salary and the freshness of the offer (with the number of jobs in brackets). When you open an offer, you can see that same information plus the nationality (sometimes), a description and an “about company” section. Similar jobs appear on the side, similar searches appear at the bottom. You can even look up all the jobs from the same recruiter and following companies/recruiters.

The job board objective:  Monster Singapore really strives to appeal to everyone.

Recruiter observations: When creating an account, the team needs to validate it (which takes 2-3 days), so it is probably best not to create an account since it is not necessary to post an advert. If you do create an account, they ask for your experience in hiring and at which level. As for the adverts, you cannot use the same posting for different openings and there is very little branding.

Jobseeker observations: When you create an account, some information needs to be filled out straight away and you need a CV. If you apply to a job offer, they compare your information and their requirements. Even if they do not match, you can still apply. Monster also suggests some recruiters to follow on your dashboard.

The job offers: There are 6 845 job offers (down by about 27 000 job offers compared to January 2017). IT, Recruitment and Banking/Finance have the most job offers. However, some job offers are months old.

Reactivity: Automatic emails. There is a chat for jobseekers (which is a robot).

Special features: The monsters (with names and personalities); the blog (in many different parts and location specific); the monster employment index; following companies; the “rate this job” option; the “Right resume” (not free); the “resume highlighter” (not free); questionnaire about your company (which literally no one has answered); professional networking features; the courses; the tests; the reports; the Youtube videos.

Verdict: The Singapore Monster is surprisingly easy to use. It has a low visibility and the adverts need to be updated more, but if you are interested in the labour market, check out their Monster employment index.

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