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Jobware is a career network specialised in offering vacancies for executives, specialists, high potentials and graduates. Companies use this job board in order to attract highly qualified applications. If you can fill your challenging position with a first class employee, we did a good job! Jobware is one of the leading job boards for specialists and executive staff in Germany. On the basis of the target group concept “Jobware Plus” the vacancies of Jobware customers are selectively placed on up to 400 specific partner platforms without any extra charge. It enables recruiters to reach also passive employment-seeking candidates.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Jobware is a German job board for executive and special skills workers. Founded in 1996, Jobware is proud of its achievements since then, and so it should be! It offers a wide range of opportunities to its users, from very high profile positions to internships and entry-level jobs. The Jobware followers are kept up-to-date on Linkedin (218 followers), on Twitter (2 709) and on Facebook (30 099 followers).

Design: Despite having a cute man outline logo and changing images of excited people on the homepage, Jobware is mostly a serious website. There aren’t many photos or pictures cluttering the pages, and there aren’t any in their articles.  To access the job listing, you can use the search engine (keywords and location) or the categories just below. The rest of the homepage sets out to describe Jobware a little bit further and presents some of the other services (such as the salary calculator, the events calendar and the newsletter). Once in the job listing, one offer is open automatically, and the others remain on the left-hand side. The filters (type of employment, the studies and the publication date) are relatively limited so it’s best to have an idea of what you want. The job offers customized to suit the image of the company and they include two panels: one for the job offer, one for the company page.

The job board objective: Jobware aims to put skilled workers in contact with the right employers. As a rule, the offers come from direct employers.

Recruiter observations: Pricing information and data information (in German) are available on the website. Photos and names of the senior team members are visible on the website. To create an account, you can purchase a slot or package off the website (and build the advert) or contact the team. When you build the advert, you pick the layout and you can see the information appear on the page. However, you do need a tax file number for your account.

Jobseeker observations: If you don’t have a cover letter or CV, let Jobware take care of it for you with their builder websites. To apply to job offers, you don’t actually need an account since you are practically always redirected for the offers.

The job offers: 25 879 job offers are currently listed on the website.


Special features: The wards page; the salary calculator (in net and gross pay – required fields include your post code, your “tax class”, your contribution to health insurance and your contribution to the church); the excited people on the homepage (which change every time you refresh the page); the events calendar (full of events in Germany); the extensive interview advice; the career guide; CV examples; Anschreiben2go; Lebensauf2go; job alerts; the next button.

Verdict: Jobware has more than job opportunities to offer! It has a serious feel to it, because Jobware is about business and professionalism.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

  • Virtual Reality-Panorama-Gallery from your company - to increase brand awareness and ensure application quality
  • Mobile optimized job ads and your jobs ads on Google Android, Apple iOS and the Apple Watch
  • Eye-tracking to ensure the ease of use of our job board and to increase the quality of our job advertisements
  • Further expansion of the target group concept Jobware Plus
  • Direct distribution of 10,000 copies of the Jobware pocket diary 2017 (universities)
  • Jobware will be present on more than 50 trade fairs on personnel recruitment and shows for graduates and students, on which company’s job advertisements will be distributed as postcards.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Up to more than 400 partners: newspapers: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stuttgarter Zeitung und Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Badische Zeitung, Südwest Presse, Darmstädter Echo, Rhein Main Presse, Freie Presse

Publishing companies and specialised websites:,,,,

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