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  • We have more than 34,000 companies publishing jobs on our job board
  • Every day, more than 50 000 people look for a job on 
  • belongs to LMC group. This job board is dedicated to both office staff and skillful workers in manufacturing. It is well known by 93% of candidates with an education up to high school level.

    For highly qualified candidates, the other LMC's job board is more appropriate.  

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Prace is a generalist job board, which belongs to LMC, which in turn belongs to Alma Career. LMC was founded in 1996, and was the first on the Czech online market. Since then, they have developed other websites (present in the footer) and expanded their reach. The group even had a job board in Slovakia for a time. Today, Prace has remained stable over the past few years, attracting 2.27 million views a month, making it the second most visited job board in the country! The top one is actually a partner website so either way, you’re making a smart choice by advertising with Prace. As for the social media, Twitter is not very popular in the Czech Republic (only 227 followers and no updates since 2015). However, there are  65 176 followers on Facebook, and LMC has 10 546 on Linkedin. The LinkedIn followers have literally doubled in a little over 2 years. You can also check out the videos on Youtube (there are 401 followers) but there haven't been any updates for a while.

Design: The homepage is dominantly red (as are the images for the blog) and there are many logos (a picture says a thousand words, right?), which lead to company pages (on mostly). The other service featured on the homepage is the articles. Other job sites are featured in the footer, which are quite interesting. The search engine contains all the filters: the location, the job and the company/language or keywords. You can also select a salary range, the required education and if retired, handicapped or underage people can also apply. Finally, you can tick the boxes corresponding to the type of work hours you’re looking for. For the job offers with a visible salary, it is indicated in the job listing; so are recommendations from the team, urgent offers and new offers. Some of the job offers even have a green stamp indicating that the company takes less than two weeks to answer. The icons and the salary at the top of the page make it particularly simple to understand the job offer information for the offers on Prace. Those that take you to though, are customised.

The job board objective: Prace (which means “work”) aims to help people find work.

Recruiter observations: When creating an advert, you need to include the work address, the salary for the job offer, a valid identification number and you can also specify if the role is suitable for underage, retired or handicapped jobseekers. There is also OZP, which refers to medical insurance.You can use the CV database once you've registered if the company is in the EU. There are also different package deals enabling you to post on several sites at the same time. 

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers through Prace, you don’t need an account. It’s very easy to create an account, and the team includes photos of themselves in their e-mails.

The job offers: There 28 194 job offers. Transport, construction and manual work have the most job offers. The funny thing is the traffic hasn't changed but the number of job offers has dropped from 84K to 28K over the last few years.

Reactivity: You can indicate how urgent your message is. They answer very quickly.

Special features: The blog (in Czech); legal advice; the salary comparator; the salary calculator (which leads to Mesec); the other sites in the footer (including Atmoskop, which has reviews of different companies; Seduo, which offers online courses; Jobote, for referrals; Profinaut, an app to connect professionals with professionals); the salary survey; the red sketches; the stamp of approval for answer delay; the icons in the job offers.

Verdict: Clearly, LMC has some very interesting ideas for the job market. It's no wonder their site has remained stable in its number 2 position with candidates from all over Czech Rebublic looking for work. The website is easy to use and friendly.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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