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Site's statement is a recruitment service that connects employers from different industry sectors with jobseekers who have a background in physics and engineering. Published by IOP Publishing, an integral part of the Institute of Physics, highlights the many different career opportunities available to physics graduates. These highly numerate and analytical candidates have the skills to excel in many different job roles, ranging from fundamental research through to computer modelling and industrial manufacturing. provides comprehensive job listings and recruiter information, and a powerful search tool for finding relevant job vacancies. At all stages of your career – whether you're an undergraduate, graduate, researcher or industry professional – we can help find the right job for you. offers you access to motivated jobseekers with a background in physical sciences and engineering. These highly numerate and analytical candidates have the skills to excel in many different job roles, ranging from fundamental research through to computer modelling and industrial manufacturing. Promoting your vacancy on will also enable you to: - Target the most relevant candidates by posting your vacancies in particular specialisms and job types - Encourage speculative job enquiries by creating a branded profile in our employer directory to - Highlight your vacancies with high-impact advertising options such as "Job of the week" and "Featured jobs" - Advertise your PhD and MSc studentships - Promote your organization with a recruiter video - Use Broadbean to quickly send your job advert to and an international network of job boards

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Summary: Created in 2009, BrightRecruits is (one of) the job portals for IOP (Institute of Physics) Publishing in England. IOP Publishing is in turn a subsidiary of IOP, which means that between the three websites, you are bound to access a great number of physics related articles. The list of IOP websites is available on the main group ( Clearly, the focus of the BrightRecruits specialist job board is the field of physics in a wide range of sectors and industries. Unfortunately, the visibility has been dropping, even if relevant job offers continue to be posted. The website alone makes it difficult to find certain information, like their social media (1 104 followers on Twitter – no updates since March; 1 747 on Facebook – no updates since December) and the pricing information. Furthermore, some sections appear empty (the case studies) or they malfunction (the jobfeed comes up as code).

Design: BrightRecruits has recently opted more a more modern design, with the search engine (keywords) as the main feature on the homepage. The companies on the homepage (in the “Now Hiring” section) aren’t necessarily hiring (some logos lead directly to the company website) but their presence creates exposure for the brand. Even the “latest jobs” are actually months old. The blog could also use some updating. Once in the job listing, the information is clear (location, publication date, etc.) and the filters (specialism, job type, location) help cull the job offers. There are also company profiles (including a logo, a description and/or a video, plus any other relevant information concerning their location, website and industry), which can also be found in alphabetical order at the top of the page. With 279 employers, clearly more than half are not hiring. Those with vacancies are featured and the number of vacancies are visible before even opening the company profile.

The job board objective: BrightRecruits aims to offer professionals and new graduates in the field of physics job opportunities all over Europe. The website focuses on creating awareness.

Recruiter observations: You can download the pricing information in three different currencies (and the PDF also shows photos of the team). However, you can’t create an account without first contacting the team (the page information isn’t even really all that clear on how to advertise, it just promotes the idea of advertising on BrightRecruits).

Jobseeker observations: When applying to a job offer, you are often redirected to a company page, or even an e-mail window. Some job offers don’t even have an “apply” button (you are informed of the application process in the job description). When registering, they ask if you are eligible to work in the EU. The website also provides the usual CV writing advice and interview tips.

The job offers: There are currently 120 job offers on the website. The oldest job offers are from January of last year (but most of them are up-to-date).

Reactivity: --

Special features: The case studies (which were empty); TIPTOP jobs (which was empty); the webinars (not found); events; the Youtube videos; career advice; job alerts.

Verdict: We strongly recommend the IOP Publishing News section for those working in the field of physics. The visibility of the job board however is unknown. For those in the industry, the website remains a way to get job offers recognized. The page clearly needs updating.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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IOP Publishing is a world leader in publishing and electronic dissemination of research and information in the physical sciences. Our publishing activity – which dates back to 1874 – includes more than 60 journals, which are read in more than 180 countries. Beyond the traditional journal programme we make high-value scientific information easily accessible through our portfolio of websites and magazines offering current news and analysis.


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