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Intermediair is part of De Persgroep Employment Solutions. This job board is a well-rounded solution for your recruitment and labor market needs - specializing in jobs for higher educated candidates in all function groups, classes, ages and regions in the Netherlands. By combining with other strong mediabrands such as de Volkskrant, AD, Het Parool, Trouw, Nationale Vacaturebank and, Intermediair will always bring you the best candidates and job offers.

With over 50 years’ experience Intermediair is the business partner for all your recruitment problems. The Intermediair Magazine and the website gives you an easy access to the most suitable and highly skilled candidates (Bachelor degree or higher).

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: The Intermediair group was formed in 1965 and focuses on highly skilled workers in the Netherlands. The job board belongs to de Persgroep Employment Solutions, a large employment media group, which also owns Nationale Vacature Bank. It used to be known under the name VNU Vacature Media. On social media, the team is very active for their 21 500 followers on Twitter, 28 459 on Facebook and 5 015 on LinkedIn. There are also 10 708 members in a LinkedIn group. The site itself attracts 857 910 visits a month.

Design: The colour scheme is yellow, green and dark blue. The homepage has a stylish block design, where each block leads to an article. At the bottom of the page, the site suggests three popular job sectors. You can also click on “vacatures” at the top of the page. Once in the job listing, the filters (publication date, function, branch, experience, education, type of contract, hours, type of recruiter) appear on the left-hand side (including the number of offers per category) and the offers can be displayed as a list or grid. They are sorted by the date. In the job listing, you can choose between different panels: offers, favourites and saved offers. Furthermore, you can see if the employer has included a video, the number of hours, the required education, the publication date and logos. Useful information is on the right-hand side of open job offers.

The job board objective: Intermediair (which means “intermediary”) focuses on the highly qualified candidiates in the Netherlands to offer recruiters one location for the best and brightest.

Recruiter observations: You can find detailed information about prices and services on the site. It is actually easier to create an account as a recruiter than a jobseeker. The dashboard allows recruiters to look back over past offers and their traffic, but it’s best to order your job offers through the pricing page. The new homepage allows you to browse candidate profiles (only useful information is visible but you can filter the profiles).

Jobseeker observations: Much like the salary guide on Nationale Vacatures Bank, education is one of the required fields for the salary compass (see NVB’s profile). For a number of offers, you don’t need an account (you are redirected to a different site). If you do decide to create an account, you will need a Dutch postcode and you must fill out a number of required fields.

The job offers: There are 2 133 job offers on the site. The sector categories with the most job offers are Research/Science, Other and Management. There are a number of other categories with many job offers. Most jobs require an HBO or a WO.

Reactivity: --

Special features: Feedback options; the newsletter; the salary compass; the online tests (IQ, skills, personality, etc.); the articles (which you can download; the job posting manual; the key figures; the salary reports; the “zen” error page; CV visibility options.

Verdict: Intermediair is easy to use and has many interesting special features. From articles and salary information to all types of tests, this job board will keep jobseekers and recruiters busy for some time.

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