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All about Career Development in Water Management!

This website brings together all disciplines involved in water management, including: engineering, water supply, wastewater treatment, energy, hydrology, hydrogeology, international development, WASH, environment, and sanitation.

The international has been recommending an integrated approach to water management. As a result, professionals are gaining expertise and knowledge in areas that might not be directly related to their initial education or training background. For example, a civil engineer working on a dam constrcution project must learn concepts related to the environmental and social impacts of the project. Therefore, Global Water Jobs intends to bring together employers and jobseekers from all backgrounds and disciplines in water management globally. The website also provides for an information platform about events, education, and scholarship opportunities, which is not available in most other job boards in the sector.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

The water industry is a very specific sector. Global Water Jobs is one of the only job boards for the water industry worldwide and provides job seekers with very good quality job offers. Prior registration is need for jobseekers if they want to apply for a position. According to SimilarWeb, the audience has increased a lot in January, February and March with on average 25,000 monthly visits compared to 5,000 in December 2014, but then decreased again in April and May 2015 with 5,000 monthly visits. But it has to be noticed that this is a job board for a very specific sector.

We would recommend that website whether you're looking for a candidate or for a job in that sector.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Regular activities: - Promotion on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) - Inclusion in IWCAN Alumni newsletter - Prospection: direct contact with key employers by phone, LinkedIn and email Ad-Hoc activities: - Advertisement in Water and Wastewater International, a sector specialised international magazine with both print and online publication. - Facebook CPC campaigns - Adwords campaigns

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Permanent: - International Water Centre Alumni Network (IWCAN) AdHoc: - The International Water Centre (The University of Queensland) - The Water Network (by Tally Fox) - A+CAPEC Study in Australia - SusanA Network More are currently under negotiation


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