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Site's statement has been operating in the online recruitment field for over 12 years, and became a part of Grupa Pracuj in 2006 – recognised in 2010 as one of the 50 fastest growing IT companies in Central and Eastern Europe. currently has six departments with over 50 employees, offering you quality customer service and delivering quick results. Thanks to the hard work of’s dedicated staff, they can offer you the best recruitment solutions in the Ukraine, tailored to your individual needs. At the core of their business they promise to communicate your jobs directly to your target audience and to create the best impression for your employer brand. The result is impressive visitor numbers of 2 million unique users per month and over 60,000 job ads live on their site at any one time.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: In 2000, the Polish company Grupa Pracuj decided to invest in a job board in Poland and in one in the Ukraine. Today, Pracuj is number one in Poland and Rabota (which means “job”) is number two in the Ukraine, so they clearly did something right. With over 10.83 million views per month, Rabota doesn’t even need social media to attract users (and it doesn’t really have any). Maybe it was just our computer, but the site goes crazy when you translate it and everything is doubled, tripled, etc. The language issue aside, the reactivity and the personalized e-mails make any user feel like their career is safe in Rabota’s hands.

Design: The homepage has all the essential information you need without cluttering up the page. The search engine (keywords and the location) appears over an image of two people looking at an iPad. There is also a dropdown list of popular searches, cities and industries under the search engine (that includes the number of job offers for each category). As you scroll down, you see where to post your CV, a long list of company logos (leading to job offers), a list of popular professions (with icons) and the most popular cities in the Ukraine (with photos). Once in the job listing, you can’t sort the job offers differently but you can chose to see the most recent (24hours) or all the offers (over 30 days). Filters (the industry, the type of hours, the salary, and the level of the position) appear on the right-hand side and you can even choose to hide recruiter adverts and adverts without a phone number. As a rule, the job offers are about the length of an A4 page, with similar job offers on the side or underneath. If Rabota has been able to verify the legitimacy of a company, they include a green “verified” badge. If you have any inquiries, check out their “About Us” page (which has a map of the headquarters and photos of the team). The website remembers your searches and offers a starred jobs section, which drops down over the rest of the page.

The job board objective: Over the years, the logo has changed but the goal has remained the same. Rabota aims to create opportunities for jobseekers and recruiters alike.

Recruiter observations: To create an account, a phone number is required. Pricing information is available on the website and you can use it in Russian or Ukrainian.

Jobseeker observations: You don’t actually need an account to apply to job offers but some companies make you answer some questions before sending off your CV (which the website remembers). Other applications don’t even require a CV (you can send your contact information to the recruiter). If you do choose to create an account, it’s a painless process and choose to include or hide your contact information on your CV. Phone numbers are visible on the website (if you want to call the recruiter directly). For each offer, Rabota offers statistics on previous candidates (how much they expect to earn and how much experience they have, compared to you). Finally, the website keeps you updated on your application process (if the company has seen your CV, and what the verdict is).

The job offers: 65 043 job offers are on Rabota right now. Less than 15 000 job offers are over a week old. You can find every kind of job, but sales and production are the most popular categories. There are also a lot of offers in household and student jobs.

Reactivity: They answer very quickly.

Special features: The icons; the blog (updated, very professional, with many categories); the job alerts; the UX writing; the verified badge; the candidate statistics; the job archives; starred jobs.

Verdict: Rabota is a great website if you are looking for work or looking to hire in the Ukraine.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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