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Site's statement has been operating in the online recruitment field for over 12 years, and became a part of Grupa Pracuj in 2006 – recognised in 2010 as one of the 50 fastest growing IT companies in Central and Eastern Europe. currently has six departments with over 50 employees, offering you quality customer service and delivering quick results. Thanks to the hard work of’s dedicated staff, they can offer you the best recruitment solutions in the Ukraine, tailored to your individual needs. At the core of their business they promise to communicate your jobs directly to your target audience and to create the best impression for your employer brand. The result is impressive visitor numbers of 2 million unique users per month and over 60,000 job ads live on their site at any one time.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is the leading job board in Ukraine. The website is well designed and job offers are well displayed and of a good quality.

According to SimilarWeb it is the 65th most visited website in Ukraine, the 50th most visited job board in Ukraine.

The website is also available in Russian

User-friendly, intuitive operational system. It features the most demanded positions, most popular cities to work in, a list of some of the leading companies (Coca-Cola) posting offers on their board and it also gives direct access to users.

Ukraine recruitment market status is a very popular recruitment site in Ukraine

Booming tech sector means lots of attractive candidates are recruited there, as well as tech firms choosing to be based there. In big cities, the number of job seekers is much bigger than the number of vacancies available. 75% of job vacancies are concentrated in big cities. However, it is still easier to find a job in Ukraine now than in the past. Mobility of the labour force is fairly low

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Marketing activities

As the biggest job board in the country, provides you with the largest reach for your jobs in the Ukraine Recruiters in the Ukraine trust more than 60,000 jobs advertised on their site from over 1,000 of the Ukraine’s top employers speak for themselves Access the largest CV database in the country with over 500,000 professional CVs & more than 3,000 new ones added each month.

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