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Snagajob is America's largest hourly employment marketplace for job seekers and employers and the only company totally devoted to the hourly space. Snagajob helps people find the right-fit hourly jobs by offering the best selection of local, full and part-time jobs.

Since 2000, we’ve made it our mission to help hourly workers find jobs they love--and help hourly employers find the best people for their jobs. Our passion has made us the number one hourly job site in the world. But it doesn’t stop there. We continually develop innovative tools to help hourly workers and employers simplify their jobs and start living their dreams. That’s sort of our “thing”, and we’re beyond excited about it. We believe everyone reaps the benefits when that perfect employee-employer match occurs. And that belief is ingrained in every aspect of our company--from every job seeker and employer we work with to each Snagger at our Richmond, Va. headquarters.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Snagajob is the brainchild of Shawn Boyer. In 2000, he created the site and in only a year, there were already 1million users. Today, those numbers have gone through the roof to over 65million users, 272 683 Facebook followers, 15 600 Twitter followers, 4 709 Instagram followers and 40 407 Youtube followers. Every month, the company attracts about 9.57 million visits (mostly from the United States), making it the 52nd most popular career website in the world. The specialist job board is for hourly work, so it features the first “hourly paid” jobs of the staff on the website.

Design: The homepage features the search engine (keywords and location) over the face of a girl looking upwards as if she had an idea. The colour scheme is pink and white and the logo is of a hand (ready to snag the next opportunity). Below the image, there are a number of lists (new jobs, popular cities, top jobs and top companies) filling up the rest of the page. Unfortunately, a keyword or filter (location, category, industry, the position or the company) is required for the job search. If you pick a location, the website provides a list of the top industries, the top categories, top jobs and the top employers in that area. There is also a list of nearby cities (for those not afraid of moving for a job). In the listing, the offers are sorted by date, relevance or distance. You can also look through the company listing, but the logos aren’t featured in the list (or in the job listing).

The job board objective: Snagajob (which means to grab quickly or steal) aims to help people maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives.

Recruiter observations: The good news is you can post an advert for free, but you have to go through the pricing section. You can also request a demo. When creating an account, you need an American address and phone number and Snagajob asks how many branches you have. When creating an advert, the salary, the hours, the qualifications (15 years or old, legally authorize to work in the United States) need to be specified. Workers who do not meet the minimum qualifications are automatically declined.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers, a valid American phone number is required.

The job offers: There are about 410 953 job offers. Cashier, driver, bartender and waiter are among the most popular jobs. The geo-localisation is a bit annoying because you can’t just look through all the job offers.

Reactivity: They have chat support and they answer very quickly.

Special features: The “giving back” initiative; the Youtube videos; job alerts; the milestones timeline; the “first hourly job” of the staff members; the awards list; the job tips (no dates); the employer resources; the news section; one-click apply; the video testimonials the scheduling tool for recruiters; chat support.

Verdict: The style of writing on the blogs really targets very different audiences. It’s simple to use but you do need an American phone number to use the service properly. Even if the geo-localisation is a bit of a pain, the website is mostly user-friendly.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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