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WUZZUF is Egypt’s #1 Online Recruitment Jobs Site, especially in terms of quality job offers and candidates. More than 3,000 companies and recruiters in Egypt are actively hiring since we launched in 2012. Also more than 160,000 job seekers consisting of Egypt’s top professionals and fresh graduates visit WUZZUF applying to jobs each month.

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Summary: Owned by BasharSoft (بشر سوفت), a technology firm specialized in developing innovative web-based online recruitment software solutions since 2009 (and also the owners of Forasna, for blue collar jobs), WUZZUF is the leading Egyptian generalist job board. The website attracts 2.35 million views a month and it is the 82nd most visited website in the country. Most of the visitors are from Egypt (even if is available in other countries in the MENA region). As far as social media is concerned, WUZZUF knows what it’s doing: it has 12 700 followers on Twitter, 862 301 on Facebook and 6 196 on Linkedin. The partner websites are listed with a short paragraph next to each one, and photos of the jobseeker coaches are also available on the website, which makes for a very positive impression as far as transparency is concerned. According to BasharSoft, candidates don’t create CVs, but TPs (talent profiles), which are easier to read. Regardless, they’re doing something right.

Design: The design of the website encompasses all the services WUZZUF has to offer. The focus is the search engine (just keywords), followed by top companies (all hiring), a video advert of what they do (they have a very developed Youtube page), new job offers and different categories for your job search (by location, by industry, by career level). It has a very appealing layout. Once in the job listing, filters (country, city, area, career level, job role, job type, industry, publication date) help cull the offers and the number of offers per category is indicated. Logos are visible in the listing (but branding isn’t a big focus though). All the job offers include a job description, the job requirements and keywords. The experience needed, the career level, the job type, the salary, the required languages and the vacancies can also be visible above the description. If no one has applied yet, it says “be the first to apply” with an arrow pointing at the application button. For there are other applicants, the number is next to the application button. If some have already been shortlisted or rejected, that information is also visible. “About the company” and “similar jobs” are on the side and, at the bottom of the job listing, there is a list of new jobs and jobs by location.

The job board objective: WUZZUF (which means "hire" or "use" in Arabic) aims to transform Egypt by putting jobseekers in contact with the right recruiters (and vice versa). It’s all about being professional and informed.

Recruiter observations: If you fill in the form to create an account and are “denied access”, do not be deterred. Your account might very well have been accepted regardless of the message. It’s very easy to post job offers (and you can post two for free during your trial period). You can see how many people have viewed your job offer, include questions for applicants and if you don’t want to disclose the name of your company, you don’t have to. When searching the CV database, you have an extensive list of filters (including the gender, languages and nationality). If they don't have enough candidates that fix the position you would like to fill, they can remove your job posting.

Jobseeker observations: It’s very easy to create an account, but you then have to fill out many different forms to create an online CV. You have 10 different countries to choose from, which all have over 10 job offers. WUZZUF also offers CV and profile reviews, interview coaching and career coaching (all at a cost). You are limited to 30 applications a week.

The job offers: 8 993 job offers. More than 3 000 job offers are over a month old. Computer software and technology are by far the most popular industries.

Reactivity: They have chat support, which isn’t really chat, since it warns you that the team usually takes a few hours to respond.

Special features: Career resources (updated); the Youtube videos (regular advice); the member directory (where you can see all the CVs in alphabetical order; only the contact information is missing – unfortunately, 100 pages in, and you still aren’t past the “ab” names); chat support.

Verdict: If you are hiring in Egypt, it would be foolish not to use WUZZUF. The transparency regarding applications and the team is much appreciated.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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