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WUZZUF is Egypt’s #1 Online Recruitment Jobs Site, especially in terms of quality job offers and candidates. More than 3,000 companies and recruiters in Egypt are actively hiring since we launched in 2012. Also more than 160,000 job seekers consisting of Egypt’s top professionals and fresh graduates visit WUZZUF applying to jobs each month.

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Register directly on WUZZUF and search the latest jobs from top employers in Egypt and get instant alerts by email when top brands are hiring. When you create your profile and upload your CV on WUZZUF, top employers will also be able to find you and contact you through keywords in your CV.

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  •  Wuzzuf is the #1 Online Recruitment Site in Egypt, especially in terms of quality jobs and candidates.
  • The site is in English which is useful for all international jobseekers and for employers willing to do business in Egypt.
  • The jobboard has a blog where job seekers can find interesting articles on how to improve their CVs and recruitment.
  • The application process is quick and easy.
  • It is a reliable job board with very good results in terms of views and clicks, we would recommend this website, whether you are looking for a job or are a candidate in Egypt.

Egypt recruitment market status

Unemployment is high in Egypt especially for skilled positions and many do not find jobs as per their qualifications. It has the largest refugee population in the world. As most of the developing countries English teachers who hold proper certifications have an advantage and can find a job fairly easily. Its an emerging market.  

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