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Site's statement assists you in your IT recruitment campaigns with its expertise and market knowledge. Increase your visibility to candidates using our solutions: Your logo appears in your job postings and search results Ability to provide your customised job posting template free of charge Ability to provide your customised company details free of charge Validation of your job postings by our HR consultants On line communication campaign using leaderboard and skyscraper Multicasting of your job postings over the web and increased visibility for your company (a.o. Indeed, Careerjet, Optioncarriere, Trovit, Jobijoba... ; Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook; IT press websites; IT blogs, forums and schools...)"

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Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Jobtic belongs to the ictjob group, which are specialist job boards, focused on IT jobs. The site is available in French and English. On social media, there are followers:  329 on Twitter, 83 on LinkedIn and 53 friends on a Facebook page. The updates stopped in 2012 though. The site has been around since 2007 and it has expanded to many countries, like Luxembourg and Germany, but it originated from Belgium. Unfortunately, the traffic is low, at about 518 visitors a day. Furthermore, there is no https:// on a number of pages.

Design: Unlike the Luxembourgian and Belgian portals of the site, Jobtic has kept the old version, which has the same logo but less orange. The focus of the homepage is getting the job search started. You can use the various search grids (role, development, systems, business applications and location) and include a keyword, or you can look for inspiration in the latest job offers and/or company logos. The site clearly caters for freelancers by offering “jobs” and “freelance projects”. Once in the job listing, the filters include the contract type, the experience, the level of education and the hours (full or part time). You can also browse different skills to filter offers. Most of the offers have no particular branding once opened, but there are some with special fonts and/or banners. Similar jobs appear under an opened job offer. Visible publication dates, logos, company names and locations in the listing are always a plus. The offers can be sorted by relevance or date. There are company pages but they are just list of job offers and a logo.

The job board objective: Jobtic (which stands for “information and communication technology” in English) strives to put ICT professionals in contact with relevant recruiters.

Recruiter observations: Prices are online and the recruiter page is very attractive. It’s easy to create an account and sign up online.

Jobseeker observations: Whether you’re looking for a freelancing opportunity or a full time job, Jobtic has made it clear that it hopes to cater for all.  It’s easy to create an account.

The job offers: There are currently 1 684 jobs on the site. Most of them are for full time positions and most of them require 5 years of study (but not all!).

Reactivity: The recruiter portal has chat support. The team answers very quickly.

Special features: The map for the location; the articles; job alerts; the key figures; chat support; the different availability options for candidates.

Verdict: The low traffic and missing https:// are both big turn offs. That said, the site is easy to use and the emphasis on freelancers as well as full-time employees is appreciated.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Adwords campaigns on Google, Bing & Yahoo ; Sponsorship of IT job fairs ; presence in Schools & Universities job fairs, media partnerships ; marketing campaigns on (largest french IT forum)…

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Other sites : Indeed, Pôle Emploi, Optioncarriere , Jobijoba, Simplyhired, Trovit, Yakaz, Wanajob, Annonce-recrutement, Joboolo, Jobrapido, Jobisjob, Le Monde Informatique, Dé, Social Networks : Viadeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


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