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Times in which those who bought newspapers and read them with a pen in hand to take notes, has long passed. Mankind has reached the stage of evolution, the process of  online recruitment has become the most used method by companies, organizations, but especially people looking for a vacant job. The best known online recruitment site in the Republic Moldova is Novajobs. 

It offers professional services so as to meet application demand (and vice versa) on  the labor market in front of a computer.  The site an advantage not only for entrepreneurs offering   vacancies for work but also for those who are looking for a   job , if they have the opportunity to place their CVs on the website in order to obtain the desired job in the required field. Resumes posted on the site can be viewed at any time by employers or managers of the company and they can always contact potential employees to inform them about the progress of any interview, which will be specified conditions of employment and will determine the agreement of both parties involved.  professional Services offers various facilities to our users, not just those who want to promote their work, and those looking for one. These facilities include, in particular: specialized tools, simplicity and speed of posting of vacancies in various categories, sorting the possibilities of future workers, due to the selection criteria that can be included in the forms posted them. And aspirants to vacant jobs also benefit from outstanding facilities, such as specifying the desired function, fleshing known art, CV placed, the candidate is given the opportunity to describe in detail his experience to work and other important issues for  employers . All of which aim to confirm the quality of information and the advanced level of professionalism. 

In addition, Novajobs is the only portal in Moldova is empathetic to people's needs, giving them online support services - technical support provided by site contributors, thus proving a high team spirit and confirming fully merit to carry the title of "No jobs portal. 1 of Moldova ".  Who can benefit from this site? Anybody. Simple, affordable, fast, economical, it provides a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to find  professional employees and TLS people a real chance to find job more - dreamed.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Novajobs is a popular job board in Moldova;

  • The website is available in Romanian, Russian and English which is perfect for international clients 
  • The design of the site is attractive and easy to use
  • On the homepage there are sections for featured companies, latest jobs, latest uploaded CVs, clients list, and even the weather!
  • You can do a quick search according to country, city and category
  • Or you can do a general search and then narrow it down category, city and key word
  • This site has a lot of help and advice for both employers and job seekers
  • We strongly recommend this site

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