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mihnati Presentation

Site's statement is Saudi Arabia's first indigenous job site, engineered specifically to address the needs to the Saudi job market. Our team has combined 100 man-years of experience in Saudi Arabia servicing the needs of job seekers and employers alike. works closely with the Ministry of Labor and has gained a leadership role in helping companies navigate Saudization requirements. With deep understanding of the Saudi business landscape, is able to offer unique localized solutions to its Saudi customers.

As the name explicitly implies, or 'My Career'​ in English, helps Job Seekers to achieve their career objectives by empowering them with a vast set of online tools to find the best available job opportunities in the region. 

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

  • Job offers are of good quality and recent, and employers varied, however at the moment there is not many listing advertised on the site.
  • The application process is not made easy for job seekers since you need to create an account and log in to apply to any job offer.
  • User experience could be definitely improved. 
  • This site is also available in English which is a plus for international jobseekers willing to work in Saudi Arabia.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Services provided to Employers are superior in both technology & results. Starting with advertising jobs, searching the Job Seekers Database to managing CVs, provides Employers with highly advanced online recruitment tools.

Latest innovations boasts the most advanced technology platform customized for the region. Over 16 Million unique visitors use the platform annually along with 55,000 employers. The transactional capability of's technology platform allows millions of CVs to be searched in both English and Arabic in under one second, with deep ontological keyword matching for different skills. At the same time, the platform is highly interoperable, connected with all ecosystems where talent resides including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, SAP, Oracle and corporate ERPs.

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Michalle Ganemberg  - Recruiter  - 33 reviews
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Michalle Ganemberg comment :

Efficient job board in Saudi arabia for international recruiters.
Rated on 18-04-2017

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