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For 15 years, eJobs is the most effective recruiting channel for companies in Romania, giving employers access to over 3,000,000 candidates, the richest database of CV's in Romania
A cheerful, friendly and dedicated team :)

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Summary: Created by Liviu Dumitraşcu et Daniel Tătar around the turn of the century, eJobs is one of the leading job sites in Romania. It receives a steady 2.05 million visits a month, making it one of the top 85 websites visited in Romania. Lucky for us, the website is available in both English and Romanian. In 2012, Ringier bought 70% of the shares and in March 2015, they purchased the other 30%, so the job board belongs to the Swiss group now. Its success is expressed through key figures and the social media: 629 followers on Twitter, 5 206 on Instagram, 304 339 on Facebook, 2 340 on Youtube and finally, 9 482 on Linkedin. Furthermore, eJobs launched the first salary checker in Romania and it has other partner websites available in the footer.

Design: The homepage has changed from an orange-ish red hue over the image of a girl with long hair laughing to a purple background with a woman or man on the side (which changes). The rest of the homepage has a very long list of job offers in a grid. The job offers are very clear and easy to browse. They can be sorted by date, relevance or distance and filtered thanks to the search engine (keywords and location) or additional filters (city, department, industry, career level, level of studies, job type). Unfortunately,if the job offer is a PDF, it cannot be translated. As for the company pages, companies can customise them, or they can rely on eJobs to provide a red backdrop. The job offers have expiry dates, which are visible if you open the information on the offer.

The job board objective: eJobs wants everyone to find the right job.

Recruiter observations: To create an account, you need a registration number and a trade registration number.

Jobseeker observations: You need an account to apply to job offers, which means you have to fill out annoying forms to create a CV. Once that’s done, it’s easy to apply to offers (with or without a cover letter). There are video ads included in some job offers.

The job offers: there are 32 513 job offers. There’s a little bit of everything on eJobs, but the industries with the most job offers are retail, call centre jobs, services, IT and food & drink jobs.

Reactivity: There is a chat support window that only works in Romanian. If you e-mail the team, they answer very quickly, informing you that you need an account for full support.

Special features: The app; the hundreds of Youtube videos; the sad face next to “I forgot my password”; the job archives (which don’t work); the blog (in Romanian, with many subcategories); the We are HR website; the CV visibility options; the key figures; the video ads.

Verdict: Despite some redundant links (and some that just don’t work), eJobs is user-friendly and a popular choice in Romania. It offers jobs for everyone, so give it a go! 

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