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Jobs in Football is an ambitious and fast developing community for employers and talented people with a passion for Football, servicing all aspects of the industry including:

➢ Football Products & Apparel
➢ Coaching & Player Development
➢ Broadcast, Media & Technology
➢ Ticketing & Stadium Operations
➢ Commercial & Business Development
➢ Education, Governance and Community Support


Talent and expertise are critical to the growth of any business. Football is a rapidly growing, global business, with new brands, technologies, revenue streams and business opportunities opening up at an increasing rate. As Football clubs and organisations continue to spend outrageous sums of money on players, there are some clubs who have established that the key to sustainability is creating an effective team behind the scenes. There is vast quantities of untapped talent outside of these organisations sphere of influence,whether they be from different areas, countries, sport or even industries. Jobs In Football aims to be the central location for talent and the football business to come together.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: A job board focused on football as the name indicates, Jobs in Football attracts most of its clicks from the UK. They are currently around a  39 600 visits a month, which continues to go up. When it comes to social media, the site has 83 953 followers on LinkedIn (so this is the focus of their media strategy), 646 on Instagram,21 200 on Twitter and none on Facebook, despite the icon at the bottom of the page. 

Design: You need to scroll down to see the search engine (keywords and location) on the homepage and underneath it, you can see featured offers. The site also encourages recruiters to post and displays its last blog articles on the homepage. Finally, you can access the company pages and the latest jobs. If you go to the job page, you'll see three additional filters on the left-hand side: category, salary and job type (each subcategory has the number of offers in it in brackets). The job offers (presented in a list) have a company logo, a location, the posting date, the contract type and the job title. Some also indicate the salary. The information display on company pages and the job offers is straight-forward and easy to navigate. Nothing fancy. For football lovers, you'll be happy to know they aren't just writing fluff articles. These are long texts with specific advice from various sports' personalities.

The job board objective: Not only does Jobs in Football want to help recruiters find their next sports' stars, it helps the jobseeker create the right image for this kind of profession in order to start a successful career.

Recruiter observations: Prices are available on the website. Companies can post directly to the website for free (not recruiters can benefit from this discount). Signing in is easy and you can even create an account with LinkedIn. Even without any jobs, you can have a company page on the site.

Jobseeker observations: It's easy to create an account on the site (or with LinkedIn). The site asks only two questions; what experience do you have in football and are you interested in the CV writing service?

The job offers: There are currently 350 job offers online. Most of the jobs are in leadership and management.

Reactivity: The team answers quickly (within 24 hours) and you can also contact them through chat support.

Special features: The blog (updated and with several categories); the CV writing service (including reviewing, rewriting, coaching, mentoring and contact with 2 sports professionals: John Smith and Richard Denton); CV Tips; the CV database; the career path section.

Verdict: For a job board with such a small niche, this one has definitely managed to develop its business nicely. The focus is as much on recruiters as jobseekers so both can find what they need here.

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