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Since its foundation in 2008, SinoJobs has developed into the leading European Chinese Job Portal. We connect attractive employers with Chinese and European professionals and managers. The focus lies at the same time on Chinese talents that have a European Background and again return to China, or already have returned. We also focus on European talents with shown expertise on China, who are in demand from European and Chinese businesses. Through the SinoJobs Career Days – Germanys leading recruiting fair with a focus on China – we possess a combination of offline and online presence, which is unique in the industry. More than 3,200 mainly Chinese visitors annually encounter here German and Chinese businesses. This provides an excellent opportunity for employers and talents.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: SinoJobs is a specialist job board based in Germany and founded in 2009. Up until recently, it belonged to Mussenbrock & Wang. The portal targets and engages Chinese talents with a European background who are planning to return or have already returned to China, as well as European talents with established ‘China expertise’. About 60% of the visits come from Germany and the visibility has been dropping. Despite that, the job board offers many different services, including Career Days, and it caters for recruiters and jobseekers from all over the world. Just look at their social media: there are 1 422 followers on LinkedIn, 3 184 on Facebook, 344 on Twitter, 15 036 Wiebo, 54 on YouTube, 180 on RenRen (but no recent updates) and finally, the Xing group has 18 894 members. Furthermore, the company is connected to many others through various partnerships. Not bad in 10 years.

Design: The colour scheme is mostly white and red, which makes sense since red is a dominant colour in the Chinese flag (and a number of other Asian flags). The images of business professionals all represent Asians, with the search engine (keywords and the location) just below the one on the homepage. The rest of the page features top jobs, top internships and top employers and some partner company logos. Once in the job listing, the filters (field, employment type, location, sector, work experience, keywords) remain above the job listing. There are clear publication dates and logos for each job offer. Some job offers have customised layouts and others just describe the requirements and company without any additional images and branding. If you know where you want to work, then you’ll be happy to know the company pages are easy to browse thanks to the filters (sector, number of staff, keywords and region).

The job board objective: SinoJobs (which means “jobs relating to China”) helps Asians in Europe find work in China as well as helping Europeans with an interest in China start a career overseas.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters need a VAT number to create an account, but the site doesn’t check the number you provide.

Jobseeker observations: If you don’t have an account when applying to job offers, that’s okay. You can apply anyway with your name and CV.

The job offers: There are 241 job offers on the website at the moment. Most of them are for full time employment or internships. Many of the listed sectors are empty.

Reactivity: The team answers very quickly and they are very helpful.

Special features: YouTube videos; the list of partners; the events (career fairs); the newsletters (in three different languages); filters for the company pages.

Verdict: SinoJobs has an original idea, enabling foreign workers to return home or others to start a foreign work experience. The job board is easy to navigate and the team is very friendly. Thumbs up from us.

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Marketing activities

- Xing Group with18.000 Members - LinkedIn Group with 4.000 Members - Jobletter Postings - Mailings

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Media Partners

Beijing Review China Business Lunch Deutsch-Chinesische Allgemeine Zeitung Europe Times Online Inter:Culture:Capital Portal People’s Daily Online Sino-German Business Network


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