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Site's statement

Meeting Japan’s Multinational Hiring Needs.

GaijinPot is the leading employment and lifestyle website for the foreign community in Japan and people overseas interested in working in Japan.

  • Post a job for up to 30 days
  • Sent directly to all job seekers via JobMail
  • Screen applicants based on location, language level, and more.
  • Various plans to meet your needs and budget

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

GaijinPot is a Japanese job board:

  • The site is available in Japanese, Chinese and English
  • The homepage is professional looking but it is quite plain and not very interactive
  • There is the choice to do a quick search by selecting the specific industry, full time or part time, level of Japanese, overseas and direct hire
  • There is also a list of featured companies on the homepage
  • A blog with career advice is linked to the site as well as an apartment searching tool, studying japanese section and info about visitng Japan.
  • This site is really useful for international people looking to find a job and move to Japan

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Digital Marketing activities including Google Ad words, Social media promotion using Facebook, twitter

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Latest innovations

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Talent Acquisition Assistance is a complement of RPO solutions 
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Talent Acquisition Assistance is a hands-on candidate acquisition, 
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Aggregators &
Media Partners

  • Japan Today (

Leading English-language news site based in Japan

  • GaijinPot (

Japan’s largest news and lifestyle information web portal for foreigners living, working and traveling in Japan

  • Savvy Tokyo (

Lifestyle information website for foreign women in Tokyo, by foreign women in Tokyo

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