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iQuesta is one of the leading job portal in France regarding internships and graduates jobs.

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Summary: iQuesta has been around since 2000 and it specializes in job offers or internships for students. The typical profile would be a student who has a bachelor’s or master’s degree and is looking for their first job opportunity (in France or overseas). The contact information and the “About Us” information is located in the same place, if you want more information about the company. Otherwise, you can check out their Facebook (778 followers and no updates for over a year), Twitter (2 789 followers) or Linkedin (419). This particular job board and the Handiquesta (for handicapped jobseekers) belong to a bigger group called 3 Steps Beyond. As for their visibility, 88 390 views are recorded per month, which isn’t too bad for a niche job board, and about 300 hundred companies are currently advertising with them.

Design: The homepage is a huge photo of a girl looking pensively towards the sky. “Your future is here” and “register” is next to her. Just beneath that, you can see a preview of some hiring companies (with logos and they really are hiring) and some of the job offers. Each job offer includes the job title, the company, the sector, the duration, the start date and the location when it’s in list form. The company pages have a short presentation of the company, the contact details and the current job offers. If you could like the cull the offers, you can use the filters (the type of contract, the sector, the start date, the duration or the region) and you can tick the “overseas opportunities” too. Additional information about top school, companies and doctorate papers can also be found on iQuesta. For example, you can check if particular schools are advertising on the website. If you open a job offer, you access the same information as in the job listing, as well as a description of the job offer (the backdrop and smaller image are optional). It can also include the Twitter page feed next to the description, the location in Google maps and a link to a student housing website.

The job board objective: We all know how difficult it can be to find work when you’ve just finished university. iQuesta aims to make that first professional experience easier to find.

Recruiter observations: If you are new to the website, you are allowed to post two free job offers and it’s really easy to create an account. To access the CV database, you do need to pay.

Jobseeker observations: If you aren’t redirected to a company or recruiter page, you just send your CV and an optional cover letter to apply for job offers.

The job offers: 2 016 job offers and internships. There are five times more internships than job offers. The most popular categories are commerce and computing (consulting), followed by marketing and HR.

Reactivity: They answer very quickly and they are helpful.

Special features: thesis and doctorate downloads (covering a variety of subjects – but you can’t send them your thesis at the moment); the “employment trends” (no updates for a year); the internship calendars; the upcoming events; presentations of some of the biggest schools/universities in France.

Verdict: Free advertising? Interesting content? The flaws of the iQuesta website are that it mostly offers internships (and not job offers) and that the opportunities are relatively limited. That said, we would still definitely recommend both recruiters and jobseekers check it out!

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Franz Olivier Gisbert  - Jobseeker  - 15 reviews
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Franz Olivier Gisbert comment :

un bon site pour stage et premier emploi
Rated on 11-08-2016

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