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Site's statement

LocuriDeMuncaCluj.NET is recruiting for local Cluj area and national companies since 2014. We are a niche site that provides better candidates, rafined by location for your local stufing needs.

We are a highly targeted general job board for the Cluj - Romania area and that makes us the obvious choice for any recruiter that has job openings here.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

LocuriDeMuncaCluj is a Romanian job board:

  • Unfortunately the site is only available in Romanian so international users will struggle to use this service
  • The design of the site is not very attractive or clear
  • On the homepage there is a large list of recently published job offers and section for featured employers
  • You can do a general search using a key word, but there is no filter option, so you cannot limit the results in any way
  • This means that you have to scroll through lots of offers before you can find anything suitable
  • Or you can do a quick search ( a little hard to find the option) according to job category and county area
  • For the job offers, there is a date of publication clearly marked which makes it easy for us to assure that the job offers are recently updated
  • There is no blog or extra advice section for job seekers. This job board is very minimalist. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Our marketing activities made us to Rank 2 on Google Romania and Rank 1 in for the top keywords that relates to Employment and Job browsing in Romania - Cluj county. Our SEO specilists and our Social media and offline efforts make us a growing and unique brand in our area. 


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