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Ramrojob Presentation

Site's statement is one of the leading and growing job portals in Nepal.

RamroJob is covering almost every job in Nepalese job market with free job posting service to job provider. RamroJob aims at providing detailed information to job seeker free of cost. The Team of RamroJob are continuously working on website improvement and making website more user-friendly. We, at RamroJob always respect our customers and job seekers privacy.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: For a website with two “about us” sections at the bottom of their page, there really isn’t that much information about Ramrojob (which means “askjob”). They don’t even have a Linkedin page. Apparently a product of Creative Job Pvt. Ltd. (whatever that means, Google has never heard of it), Ramrojob offers a variety of job listings in different fields (there are currently 262 listings). The webpage is lacking in professionalism (word choice, English mistakes, poor web design), but its Facebook followers (170 000 users) seems to have only good things to say about it. Indeed, they encourage their visitors to follow them on Faceook, but there in absolutely no direct link to their page.

 Design: The logo is a suitcase on a table with people around it, as if to say, “We want to connect business-minded people”. As for the layout, the focus is on the position and not the company, even if the logo is always visible. The premium offers are on the left (10 jobs), a small section for newspaper jobs is above the featured jobs (22 jobs) and, at the bottom of the page, there are the hot jobs (232 jobs). They are followed up by recent positions and jobs sorted by category, by industry and by newspaper. The page is cluttered with pop-ups which makes it difficult to notice important information sometimes (like the vacancies, the company brand and name) when looking at an opening, and it also makes a advert with a lot of information look VERY long because it only takes up a 3rd of the screen.

The job board objective: Ramrojob is a cheap way to advertise for job in Nepal.

Recruiter observations: It’s good to know you can create free job offers (there’s only one on the job board at the moment), but you will need a company logo to create your account (you can literally pick any image you like). The prices are easy to find on the homepage (twice). However, even if it is free, your advert still needs to be approved before appearing in searches. Unlike Merojob, you have rejected and pending candidates, and not pending and rejected job offers. Recruiters can have the candidates apply online, to a direct e-mail address or they can give specific instructions (sounds very mysterious to me).

Jobseeker observations: You have to complete everything on your profile before being able to apply to any jobs.

The job offers: You don’t have the number of jobs per category but there aren’t that many to go through and they have a select number they feature on Facebook every day.

Reactivity: Still waiting.

Special features: the number of shares and on which media for each job post; the countdown; the free job posting.

Verdict: In the “about us“ section, they imply that their website is still a work in progress and they are not kidding! Even their partners Silver Lining advertise on Merojob instead of Ramrojob. That said, you should never pass up the opportunity for free publicity.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Michalle Ganemberg  - Recruiter  - 33 reviews
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Michalle Ganemberg comment :

Greetings, this job board helped me a lot when i was searching work from home talents for one of my client. This is the unique job board I found in Nepal. Michalle
Rated on 09-10-2017

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