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Unijobs Bangladesh

A Complete Netwrok of Job Seekers and Employers. 

Unijobs Bangladesh is the culmination of young minds, having a primary focus to alleviate unemployment. As it is figured out already, Unijobs Bangladesh is definitely new in the bunch but prior to its inauguration, people involved with it carried out some extensive researches to mitigate the deficiencies which many other similar job sites still contain. Some of the services Unijobs Bangladesh aims to provide are job posting, branding opportunities (for all companies), Recruitment Agency, CV Writing Service, Professional Training and Uncertified Manpower Supply (Details: With that in mind, it is hopeful to deliver a complete solution to both employers and prospective candidates applying for the job.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Unijobs is a job board for job seekers and recruiters in Bangladesh:

  • The design of the site is modern and minimalist which is easy to navigate
  • This site is available in English so it is good for international users, and there are still offers in Bengali, for local users
  • On the homepage there is a list of premium job adverts, as well as job offers of the Bangladesh government
  • You can do a quick search according to skills, designation, company, location, salary and experience
  • Or you can do a search by sector, by popular searches, level or part time. 
  • The job postings don't have a clear date of publication on them, so we don't now if the website is often updated
  • There are also blank pages when you click on a job advert, and many redirections, which is not that handy

Bangladesh recruitment market status

Less than 40% of the working population have a written contract and many are employed in informal and unpaid work. There is a huge difference in quality of jobs between men and women and one in three women are not paid for their work that is extracted. The manufacturing industry is the leading sector here currently and they have started to identify other industries too which can give better job opportunities

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Additional job board information

Latest innovations

Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS)

A brand-new concept never thought of. To assuage the penury of those lost souls out there whose day begins with unimaginable qualms. This favor is granted to those who do not know whether or not their entire day would be wasted on the pursuit of a temporary livelihood. Once in a while, our soulless gaze may cast upon them at the crack of dawn, only to catch a glimpse of their weathered face stricken by the obligation for the survival of their loved ones just another day. 

Now, it is not our intention to raise the bar of expectation for the underprivileged segment of this country, but we promise to ensure their livelihood by introducing the unique concept, named: Uncertified Manpower Supply, UMS for short. 

Through our website, we provide all our subscribed clients seeking assistance from such individuals with crucial information including contact details and a photograph for identification.

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