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ROZEE.PK is Pakistan's number one online job site which connects talent with opportunity. ROZEE.PK provides services to job seekers and employers by providing them one platform for job searching and hiring, respectively. ROZEE.PK has a huge database of thousands of searchable CVs . We provide services to more than 60,740 employers.

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Summary: According to Rozee (which means “livelihood”), 75 261 leading companies in Pakistan use the job board and, with over 1.7 million visits per month (SimilarWeb), why wouldn’t you? Rozee was launched back in 2006 by Monis Rahman and saw a whopping 800% growth in just one year. Why? Because Pakistan needed somewhere to post lots of job offers fast! In Opportunities in the Development of Pakistan's Private Sector, Sadika Hameed describes Rozee as one of the most successful startup companies in the Asian region, with organizations like the United Nations using the software to recruit. The information gap being a big issue in Pakistan, businesses and Pakistanis alike needed somewhere to find the right professionals and the right professions. A list of universities that have MoUs with Rozee is also available on their website, as well as investors (like Linkedin and PayPal). On SimilarWeb, it is ranked 58th for its activity in Pakistan. The web activity also comes from overseas (the US for example) partially because they do have headquarters abroad.

Design: The homepage is easy to use: there are video testimonials, the best places to work in three parts (information technology, services and manufacturing), blog titles (but the blog isn’t updated much), top jobs in Pakistan and top senior management positions. The logo changed in 2016 from the name with a little worker in the “o”, to a more neutral logo to attract more academic profiles. As far as the design is concerned, Rozee has been greatly “influenced” by Facebook (even the logo is similar: a small white “e” on a blue background) and other social media. The profile page for candidates looks just like Facebook.

The job board objective: Rozee aims to improve the job market in Pakistan and to bridge the information gap.

Recruiter observations: Before creating a job listing, you can see how many candidates match your criteria as you fill out the form. Apparently you can advertise for free (basic job) but I couldn’t find my advert. You’ll need to purchase a package (all the details are on the website, except for the price) or just CV database access (which you can do without consulting anyone). Here’s a trick: log in as a jobseeker and view the “Top professionals” to get the names and photos of some promising candidates (to look them up on say, Linkedin). You get more information about the CVs as an employer but no photo and no name.If you have a National Identification Number, Rozee will put their stamp of approval on your page. The dashboard is well organised, with a clear hiring process for your candidates: Applied> reviewed> shortlisted> interviewed. You can also refuse CVs if you get too many.

Jobseeker observations: If you select a job title to look for a job, the areas with available jobs, skills, experience, job type and more specific titles will be listed on the right with the number of available jobs per category. You can save jobs that interest you to Facebook. CV review: lacking in information. The idea is just to draw you in so that you pay for a consultation. They have an app. They need to recognise your CV.

The job offers: “Women” is a job now? Other than that, the listings are rather varied (information technology, relate, services and manufacturing jobs are leading the way).

Reactivity: Automatic messages. You need to call for more information.

Special features: Top employers; following companies; Bug Bounty (for better security); personalized job alerts; Instamatch; job salary statistics; audio profiles; Tarbiat (for skill testing). success stories; CV review; the blog.

Verdict: How could you not use Rozee if you’re hiring in Pakistan? This is a success story if ever there was one.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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ROZEE.PK is owned and operated by Naseeb Networks (Pvt) Ltd. The Naseeb Networks team has over 30 years of combined experience developing and marketing Internet software at companies including AOL (America Online), PayPal, eBay, Google, LinkedIn, Excite, Intel and other notable companies. 

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My friend found his job in Pakistan thanks to . That's quite nice.
Rated on 15-03-2017

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