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Oil and Gas Job Search is the world's premier job site for the oil and gas industry around the globe. provides a rapid and cost effective service to employers in the oil and gas industry. By using the internet, employers (direct clients and agencies) can post vacancies in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost of normal advertising. The vacancies are then e-mailed immediately to suitable candidates all over the world who can then apply for the position on-line.

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Oil and Gas Job Search is one of the main specialised job board for the oil and gas industry. Since April 2013, it belongs to the Careerbuilder group. Job seekers must register to the website to apply for a position. Oil and Gas Job Search also provides jobseekers with wervices such as CV Writing, insurance, mortgages... Oil and Gas Job Search has a very big CV database with more than 1 million jobseekers. According to SimilarWeb data, the audience of the website is quite stable for the last 6 months. Regading the top 5 of the geographical origins, 17% of the audience comes from the UK, 12% from the USA, 8% from India, 7.5% from the United Arab Emirates and 7% from Canada (SimilarWeb) You're looking for a job or a candidate in that sector? Oil and Gas Job Search is a safe bet!

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Marketing activities

Oil and Gas Job search is very popular and active on Facebook (more than 34K fans) and Twitter (more than 16K followers). All job offers are posted on these networks.

Oil and Gas Job Search participates to a lot of events regarding the oil & gas industry, such as WGCPARIS2015, World LPG Forum,Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course and much more...

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