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Site's statement is a recruitment portal targeted at specialists and managers. We are the most popular and the best recognized job board in Poland. We are passionately committed to the application of modern technologies in Human Resources and corporate communications. Pracuj has a comprehensive range of solutions allowing businesses to find suitably qualified staff quickly and efficiently, making the recruitment process shorter and cheaper. 

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary:, one of the job boards in the Group Pracuj, has been around for 18 years, along with its Ukrainian counterpart It was founded by Przemek Gacek.The Group also use eRecruiter and Emplo (HR companies) to improve their recruiting strategy/advice. On the website, you can see a long list of partner websites and on Goldenline, their employees feedback is most positive. Not only that, Parcuj is Poland’s most visited job board with a steady 14.89 million visits a month! They have 3 279 Twitter followers (but no Twitter link) and their news sections are updated regularly. So, let us tell you what makes Parcuj so great!

Design: The website is mostly white with a professional dark blue logo. The images that appear behind the search engine (keywords and location) are darkish to reduce the brightness of the page. Underneath, you have a recommended job section (empty unless you have an account), two recommended companies at a time (a lot are not hiring) and the daily offers. They also include a "popular searches" section. If you click on “first job”, you automatically get internships and assistant jobs. To sort the job offers, the filters are the location, the industry, the employer, the type of contract, the level of the job, the salary, the required languages and the publication date. All the categories have the number of available jobs in brackets. They emphasise their app. Company profiles are available (with customised backdrops, a company logo, information about the company, the job offers, the locations, the perks, possible courses, photos, links to the social media, the hiring process, news and a map) which are relatively standardised. Even if a company has no job offers, their profile is not deleted (the number of job offers is visible before opening the page).

The job board objective: With the help of Pracuj, everyone can be professional. Helping candidates improve their image and companies highlight their brand.

Recruiter observations: You need a Polish Identification number, a Polish phone number and a Polish postcode to create an account. There is a discount for new customers. There is a lot of useful information about things like the different Polish contracts (with the advantages and disadvantages for each). They have an international department that deals with foreign customers.

Jobseeker observations: The website offers a CV creator option, which is great (you can even download your CV in a PDF or Doc format) and you can download cover letters (customised to correspond to specific fields and available in a number of languages). The information is then automatically saved to your profile. When your account is created, Pracuj offers a tour of the dashboard to help you use it. Furthermore, you can alter your CV visibility at any time. They even have a salary calculator, which breaks down your pay so you know your net/gross pay, pension and taxes depending on your contract (and you know how much your employer pays).

The job offers: There are currently 44 789 available jobs, a lot of which require a good level in English (even though only 1000 of them are international). Parcuj indicates the average salary in Poland (10 500 PLN/month net pay: 2 444 Euros)

Reactivity: They answered very quickly and were very helpful.

Special features: The blog (not secure; in different categories; in Polish); the job alerts; CV creator; CV visibility options; salary information; mobile app.

Verdict: Pracuj is a great for learning about the Polish work legislation and for improving your online image (for jobseekers and recruiters). You should definitely consider using their job board to attract candidates.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

TV advertising campaign: Regular TV campaigns; the most recent campaign “Sprawdź, czy nie szukasz”:  Reach: 4 million potential candidates. Number of aired commercials: 8,000

Industry events for clients: “HR Challenges” conferences in the biggest Polish cities, addressed to HR professionals, practitioners and experts. One of the goals of the conference is to create a platform for sharing HR knowledge and experience, as well as to review current trends in recruitment from the perspective of both recruiters and HR managers.

HR DREAM TEAM is a cyclic competition for top HR teams from all over Poland. The goal of the competition is to promote the HR industry, present the most interesting campaigns launched by companies in the field of human resources management and integration of the industry.

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