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Site's statement - the most popular ads site in Russia. We enter the top 5 sites of the Runet, the top 3 of the world classifics, the top 3 most expensive RuNet companies. Each month Avito has more than 33 million people - this is about a quarter of the population of Russia.

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Summary: Avito (which means “traditional” or “transferred from the ancestors” in Latin) has been around for over a decade. It is yet another one of Schibsted’s success stories in the field of classifieds websites. The website has particularly professional employer page and “About Us” section. It includes photos of the team, image of their headquarters and maps for the two different addresses. According to their website, their technology verifies all the posts before allowing them to appear on the website. So, it is no wonder Avito attracts 320.52 million views per month and it is ranked the 8th most popular website in Russia! They have a lot of different social media, including Vkontakte (674 593 followers) and Twitter (5 325 followers, even though they have tweeted in over 2 weeks). Their Youtube page is full of advertisements, but most of them are not for the job section.

Design: The page is made up of small print on a white background mostly. The homepage offers a mix of lists, articles and pop-ups (that you can ignore). For the search bar, you pick a category, a location and you can include keywords. Once you’ve picked your category, they suggest other filter breakdowns (like the type of hours). In the list, the publication date, the category, the title and the location are visible. Like most classifieds websites, the recruiter has a lot of freedom when it comes to the structure of the post so some are very long and others are very short. Also, the sorting is by relevance or cost. Some of the offers include a map, some include a phone number and most of them have an image.

The job board objective: Connecting Russians with other Russians. The emphasis on the phone number makes the interaction more personal and you are less likely to be spammed by fake e-mail addresses.

Recruiter observations: You can easily browse CVs and even download them, but you need to pay for the CV database for any contact information. You can have your adverts sent out automatically and the website provides statistics about your posts. To actually create an account, you need a Russian phone number, so your best bet is to call them.

Jobseeker observations: To sign up, you can use an account (Gmail, Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.) or your phone number (which needs to be a Russian one). However, you can only apply to offers or see numbers if you have a CV, and you can only upload a CV with a phone number. You can add comments to adverts though (even when you can’t apply to them).

The job offers: According to the website, there are 800 000 CVs and vacancies. The job offers alone make up 266 272 posts. There are thousands of job offers in practically all the categories, but the most popular are sales, production, transport and construction.


Special features: The funny-looking office lamp; the close button on the pop-ups around the screen (they ask why you are ignoring the advert); the job offer statistics; the comments on job offers.

Verdict: If you choose to advertise in the job section or around the screen, Avito will be able to provide useful information about who has seen or ignored your job offer/product. As a classifieds website, the job offers are usually for “lower level” jobs (few management positions for example). If you know what you are looking for and have the time to look, then Avito is the way to go.

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