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Site's statement is the leader in offering integrated solutions that allow more effective selection processes of human talent from different companies of Colombia company.

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Summary: There is no doubt that Elempleo is a popular generalist job board in Colombia with 5.57 million visits every month (it is the 43rd most active website in Colombia). Since 2000, the job board has been putting companies in contact with jobseekers, but the website is not https:// secure, which is always disconcerting. They update their social media and Youtube channel regularly for their followers (315 126 on Facebook and 73 800 on Twitter) and they even suggest some websites at the bottom of their homepage for other services (something quite useful for someone who is new to the country). Their partner websites however are not very successful (there are only 5 job offers on e-hunters for example).

Design: At first glance, the website has an appealing design, with some stylish photos, a search engine in two parts (location and keywords), the latest jobs on the homepage, some companies and touristy images to advertise locations. Even the “e” hidden in a briefcase logo is quirky. However, you quickly realize the website is a bit confusing. Some parts cannot be translated, they constantly ask for an ID number, some options don’t work, etc. Even the job offers all say they were posted yesterday in the job search, or the same pages appear as you look through the offers. If you go through the company pages (that you can sort by industry), the publication dates don’t even make sense sometimes (example: the CUN page). Dates aside, the branding for the job offers is badly done, which is a shame considering the company pages are customized and attractive. Each job offer includes the salary, the industry, the location, the publication date, the number of vacancies, a description, requirements to apply and additional information. The only filters on the light-hand side are the salary, the cities and the publication date.

The job board objective: Elempleo focuses on the salary so that Colombians can find work that caters to their financial needs.

Recruiter observations: You need an identification number or you can use your passport number to create an account. You need to include a security question for the account, an identification number of the company and one for the person creating the account and the terms and conditions are not translated (unless you open them in another window). Luckily, you can buy advert space without going through the hassle of creating an account (but the lack of security is unsettling).

Jobseeker observations: When you fill out your CV to create an account, you need to tell them your job title and it has to match something in their system. Furthermore, if they recognize your e-mail address or ID number, you won’t be able to create an account.

The job offers: They currently have 63 174 Job offers (with about 3 000 posted today or yesterday) and that is about double what they had last year. Low paying jobs are by far the most in-demand.

Reactivity: You need a registration number to e-mail them through the website form (they do not check the number though). We have not received an answer just yet.

Special features: the Salary calculator; the Youtube channel; the blog (a mix of articles and videos); the salary survey (which has some statistics about benefits); quick view.

Verdict: Their confidentiality policy is in Spanish and it’s a PDF so it’s difficult to translate. Furthermore, there is no https:// which is never comforting when giving out information. However, Colombians don’t seem to mind so it’s worth testing Elempleo for the visibility.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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