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Today, MojPosao is among the 20 most visited web sites in Croatia, with more than 700.000 visitors monthly. So far, more than 54.000 clients started their recruitment process through ads on MojPosao, and estimation is that more than 140.000 people found their job on MojPosao.

MojPosao is operated by Tau on-line Ltd. which is part of Alma Media from Finland. In addition to being a part of one of the leading media companies in Europe MojPosao is associated with leading job boards in the region of SE Europe – from Serbia, and from Bosnia and Herzegovina. These job boards are similar to MojPosao in their strength and share in their countries markets (85%). 

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Moj Posao is the leading job board in Croatia, with as many as 1.87 million visits a month. It was created by Tau on-line d.o.o in 2000, which also managed the KupiProdaj adverts, CentarNekretnina and 4Kotača, and two other portals (EduCentar and MojPrviPosao), but at least two of the websites no longer work. Since 2012, Tau on-line d.o.o belongs to Alma Career, so other partner websites appear in the footer. It is only partially translated into English and some information on the homepage is outdated, but that doesn’t stop Moj Posao (“my work”) from being a more than adequate job board. On social media, it has 1 894 followers on Linkedin, 13 200 on Twitter and 246 189 on Facebook (but there aren’t any links to the pages).

Design: The colour scheme is mostly red, unless you switch to the recruiter page, where it becomes blue. The search engine (keywords, location and category) is featured at the top of the page with an advanced search option, which is actually the filter options (the job type, the area, the category, the professional qualification, the language, the driving category and the date - publication or expiry). You can also tick the following boxes: managerial position, public services and non-profit organisations, disabilities, foreign worker friendly. The rest of the homepage is full of company logos in a grid, with job offers underneath each one. You can also visit the company listing (but the Google translation can be an issue for the alphabet letters that get automatically translated). Some companies have a logo and a customized page, some just appear in the list and their pages are empty. You can look up student jobs, jobs for foreigners, new jobs, jobs by location or jobs by category (in the jobs section above the search engine). Once in the job listing, there are clear expiry dates. If you open a job offer, the website recommends courses and suggests comparing your salary to the average salary for the position.

The job board objective: Moj Posao encourages jobseekers to focus on their job search and gives the right tools to make the best choices.

Recruiter observations: To advertise with Moj Posao, you need them your details and the team calls you back. You can however purchase access to the CV database. There are many useful statistics and information on the website users for recruiters. There is a clear PDF of all the costs.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account. You are often redirected to a company page. Through the website, you can follow you favourite companies.

The job offers: There are 4 145 job offers on the website at the moment. Sales, IT, other and production have the most job offers.

Reactivity: It took them about half a day to answer our e-mail.

Special features: The hackathon; the salary checker website; The 2018 Christmas bonus survey; the advice blog (in Croatian); the news section; the salary checker on the website; the salary survey; the candidate/recruiter profiles; the Work and Live in Croatia section; statistics about the candidates; the employer and employee newsletters; profile title examples based on your category of interest; following companies.

Verdict: As the leading job board in Croatia, Moj Posao is an obvious choice for recruiters and jobseekers in Croatia. Furthermore, the various tools make it easier for jobseekers to understand their salary and follow the latest news.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

MojPosao conducts surveys that have become a source of relevant information on Croatian labour market trends since 2005. The first report on supply and demand in the labour market was published in June 2006. Some of most significant surveys are Employers of first choice and on best employers. Based on results of the survey best companies were, for the first time, publicly awarded in May 2010. Also, there was selection of best practices in human resources nominated by companies which implemented those projects.


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