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Site's statement is the first online recruitment site introduced in Ethiopia. is an innovative e-recruitment tool that revolutionizes the way CV data is managed and offers solutions to make an organization’s recruitment process more efficient and automatic. Launched in 2004, has thus far registered over 300,000 job seekers and more than 500 organizations using the service to recruit professional candidates. It’s visited by 25,000 viewers a day and it features some of the most distinguished organizations in the country.

Our main customers are EACWSE, TAL Apparel and Gebeya.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: EthioJobs is the first Ethiopian job board, created in 2004. It is a subsidiary of Info Mind Solutions, an HR information system firm established in 1998, which is, in turn, a Devex organization. The headquarters for EthioJobs are in Ethiopia and the US. It is currently the 7th most visited website in Ethiopia and attracts 579 660 views a month (and about 405K of those are from Ethiopia). That’s not bad for a country in which only 15% of the population actually uses the internet. On social media, there are more high numbers: 55 734 followers on Facebook, 3 797 on Twitter, 11 655 on Linkedin and 619 on Youtube. In addition to job offers, Ethiojobs also has courses and a detailed blog. Unfortunately, the website is not https:// secure, which is always a worry.

Design: The website has an appealing design, with a mostly yellow and blue colour scheme. The search engine (only keywords, referring to jobs or companies) is in the middle of the homepage over an image of a smiling black woman in front of a computer screen. Underneath, there are three panels: latest jobs, jobs by category and jobs by location (including the number of job offers). The job title, the company and the publication date are visible. Some companies are featured (which aren’t necessarily hiring but that information is visible without opening the page), the app is promoted and the jobseeker account process is also explained. Once in the job listing, all the relevant information for the job offers is visible, including the company logo, the publication date and the expiry date. If you want more information on the company, you can click on the name to bring up the other offers, or go to the company listing. The pages have good branding, including an overview, an “about” section, job offers and even “employee thoughts”. In theory, you can choose to view only hiring companies, but the tool seems to be malfunctioning. Featured jobs appear next to the job listing (kind of like a paid advert) and the filters (the job category, the region, the career level, the company name and the employment type) are on the left-hand side.

The job board objective: EthioJobs brought online recruitment and jobseeking to Ethiopia in the hopes of improving the labour market.

Recruiter observations: It’s relatively easy to create an account but we couldn’t access it (even after changing the password 3 times).

Jobseeker observations: You can create an account with Facebook, Linkedin or an e-mail address. On the dashboard, the website suggests offers and indicates how long you have until the offer expires. To apply to job offers, you need an account, even if you are redirected to the company website for the application.

The job offers: Development & project management, accounting and health care have the most job offers. In total, there are 256 job offers now. Most of the job offers are for full time positions.

Reactivity: Quite friendly. They answered within a day.

Special features: The app; the courses; the blog (including advice, news and events); the Youtube videos; some cover letter examples.

Verdict: EthioJobs isn’t just a job notice board, it’s a community. The events and blog are particularly helpful for anyone new to the country or simply for those not as up-to-date on the job related events. https:// security would be appreciated.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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I have found my perfect candidate for an accountant position on this job board! Thanks to the Jobboardfinder team for their help!
Rated on 14-02-2018

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