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At Monster, we’ve made it our mission to help you find better candidates. And nobody brings you more cutting edge tools to help you do just that than Monster. BeKnown™ and Career Ad Network® are just two examples of the innovative thinking that Monster brings to the table. Whatever your needs are, Monster has the products and technologies to tailor a solution for you. To help you Find Better.

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Summary: In the world of job boards, Monster is, well, a monster of a job board. As some of you might know, Monster was sold to Randstad, a huge international staffing company, in 2016, which did not help the job site regain its leading position as hoped unfortunately. Instead, Monster continues to struggle to maintain its prestigious reputation. That said, the Italian version is more than adequate and offers its users more than just job board tools. It gets as many as 1.97million views a month (despite a slight drop recently) and it has an impressive range of Youtube videos, as well as 735 263 Facebook followers, 511 on Youtube, 7 372 on Twitter and 331 Instagram. The “About Us” section is malfunctioning, but since it’s Monster, you can find whatever information you need online or on a different Monster.

Design: The familiar purple monster is the backdrop on the homepage. The search engine is in two parts (keywords and location) and you must write a keyword to start your search. The rest of the homepage presents the job board as a whole: the services, the articles, the employee satisfaction survey, the popular industries, the popular companies, the popular locations, why you should register, Youtube videos and finally, a bit about Monster. The company pages are customized to suit the company and so the information varies from one to another (from maps, photos, videos and logos, to descriptions, benefits, useful information and current positions). If you would like to browse the company pages (about 339), you can view them in alphabetical order by clicking on “company profiles”. As for the job listing, it features the important information (Location, position, publication date and company) and often shows one job offer next to a list of all the others corresponding searches. The filters are fairly limited: the job title, the location, the country and the company.

The job board objective: Monster is the mother of all job boards, bringing jobseekers and recruiters together.

Recruiter observations: As a recruiter, you can purchase a package deal. You’ll need to indicate the address of your company but otherwise, it’s relatively easy to pay the advert space. That try to disuade you from contacting them (if you use the contact form).

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers can create an account with an e-mail address of Facebook. When you upload your CV, the site extracts the important information but you’ll still have to fix up your candidate page.

The job offers: It’s difficult to say how many job offers there are, since you need a keyword to search. From our calculations, there are about 6 409 job offers, most of which are in sales and IT.

Reactivity: You can request a call back.

Special features: The employee satisfaction survey; the blog (no dates); the CV templates; the cover letter templates; the Youtube videos; the app; the TRUSTe Feedback button; the CV parser; the monster with the cookie for the cookies information; the Instagram images of the monster.

Verdict: Monster continues to be a big player in the world of recruiting and job searching in Italy. The keyword requirement is a bit annoying, but Monster definitely has enough to offer its users. It’s a bit ironic that their page on information security should not be https:// secure.

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