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StepStone employs more than 1,500 people throughout Germany and Europe and operates a number of job sites in other European countries besides StepStone is one of Germany’s biggest online firms and is part of Axel Springer SE, one of Europe’s leading media companies.

StepStone is the leading market place for skilled professionals in all the important occupational fields and at every career stage. Our highly developed search technology ensures that your job ads are found by the right candidates.

The key factor to consider when choosing the right job site is the number and quality of the applications your job ad attracts. The independent market research institute TNS regularly surveys companies about applicant responses via various recruitment sources. StepStone is number one in the rankings by a long way – both in terms of the average number of applications the job ad attracts and the number of resulting interviews

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Founded in 1996 in Germany, StepStone is a generalist job boards, which has spread around the world so it is accessible in many countries. It specializes in creating customized solutions according to the objectives of different private markets. In Germany, it attracts 9.53 million views a month, which has dropped a fair bit over time but remains high. On social media, it has a good following, even if social media is not the most success outlet for the German market: over 25k followers on YouTube (which is actually the "Traumjob" page), 4 328 on Instagram (a huge boom since 2019), 7 222 on Twitter and 155 611 on Facebook. The LinkedIn page has 2 488 followers.

Design: The homepage is particularly simple. There is a search engine (keywords and the location) and you can tick whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work or work from home. The rest of the homepage promotes different categories and the app as well as some additional services. Once in the job listing, the filters (the publication date, the language, the skills, the category, the sector, the region, the city, the experience, the type of employment and type of contract) appear on the left-hand side and the number of offers per subcategory are visible. A pop-up appears on the righthand side for jobs by email. The company pages can include job offers, an introduction, a logo and other images, a map and even ratings from users. The comment section on the pages really explains the culture and breakdown of the company in detail.

The job board objective: StepStone has the same goal in all of the countries where it is present: it aims to help businesses grow and find the best talent on the market.

Recruiter observations: Prices are available on the website. It’s easy to create an account through the site.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account. To apply to offer, you must include a cover letter and a CV.

The job offers: There are over 100 000 job offers. Most of them are for engineers, controllers and pharmacists.

Reactivity: The team answers quickly (within 24 hours) and you can also contact them through chat support.

Special features: The names of the team members (and photos of management); the press section; the whitepapers; the partner websites (in the footer); the blog (in different sections); job alerts; the app; the webinars & events; the chat support; company ratings (different rates for different qualities); the comment section on the company pages; the salary planner.

Verdict: In Germany, StepStone is the obvious choice. It is a practical job board, which gets to the point. The list of jobs could be more appealing (the imformation is a bit too condensed).

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Fairs: Zukunft Personal, Personal Sued, Personal Nord, Products: launch of an innovative listing portfolio in 2015: Starter, Professional and Premium

Aggregators &
Media Partners

StepStone works with high-profile partners from the individual fields of employment on creating and spreading the content for the target group channels. Numbering up to 300, our cooperation partners enable your online StepStone job ads to be published free of charge on other websites like, or, as well as on the online portals of up to 50 universities and universities of applied science.

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