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Village de la Justice is the #1 legal professions community in France. Jobs, collaborations and trainings for lawyers, paralegals and HR.

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Summary: Village de la Justice was created by LegiTeam, a press editor and law website editor, in 1997. If you visit the LegiTeam website, you can see the list of other sites they have created in the same field (most of them ultimately lead back to Village de la Justice). Village de la Justice is a specialist job board in legal jobs in France. The site receives a little over 1 million visits a month as a rule and it is available in English and French. It has more than enough social media: one LinkedIn account with 17 736 followers; two Twitter pages: one for employment (3 868 followers) and another just for law news (26 900) and three Facebook accounts: the main has 15 056 followers, the student one has 16 358 followers and the career page has 4 406. A busy team with lots of social media, articles and podcasts to publish every week.

Design: The homepage is not just about job offers. You need to click on “jobs” at the top of the page and choose from a dropdown list. This includes job offers, training, the student corner, the different law professions, the career fairs, law career advice and more. In the job offer section, you can choose between signing up, starting your search, visiting new offers or accessing the recruiter section. The search engine (sector, type of contract and job role) is one of four panels to help access the job listing: search, jobs, regions, and sectors (the number of jobs for each is in brackets). Even if there are no filters, there are advanced search options (including language skills and the recruiter’s name). The job offers appear in table, indicating the job title, the main activity, the recruiter, the type of contact, the location and the starting date. When you run your curser over the title, the site provides more information about the requirements. Orange job offers are premium offers, blue are standard and jobs you have already applied to become grey. Some job offers are quite short and only include useful information and a brief description. Others are much longer and have logos as well as information about the company and the position. Example profiles (including the experience, revenue, region and size of the company) appear under an open job offer as well as the candidate ratio. Since the date corresponds to the start date and there is a candidate ratio, it’s safe to say the job offers can never be too old.

The job board objective: For decades now, Village de la Justice has brought insightful information and relevant career opportunities in the law field to those who are the most interested.

Recruiter observations: It’s easy to create an account (choose “employment account”) and to purchase job adverts online.

Jobseeker observations: You can create a member account or an employment account. To apply to job offers, the latter is the one to choose.

The job offers: There are 4 072 job offers, 31 133 active candidates and 2 560 new recruiters. Business and commercial law and corporate law have the most job opportunities.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The advice section (in different law sections); the magazines; the videos (videos on law related issues from around the internet); the merchandise; the eCards; the newsletter; the list of members; the feed (popular articles, jobs or forum messages); job alerts; the candidate ratio (green for few applications, blue for an average amount and orange for many); the example profiles for the job offers; the audience statistics; the disability options (reading software for the blind).

 Verdict: There is definitely something for everyone on Village de la Justice. Whether you would like to read or watch new content, apply to jobs or chat to other law professionals, it’s all possible on this job board.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Franz Olivier Gisbert  - Jobseeker  - 15 reviews
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Franz Olivier Gisbert comment :

Le meilleur ! il a tué Recrulex et c'était pas gagné ..
Rated on 11-08-2016

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