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Employers can access the CV database, insert job ads, and take advantage of our personnel selection recommendations. The CV search engine seeks suitable applicants among new CVs. The results may be saved in a separate file and called up when needed. The 6 months free package is enable the flexibility required by big and small companies.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: The parent job board of CV Centrum, CV Keskus, was created by Estonian in 2000. Only last year, the generalist job boards were purchased by Ringier Axel Springer Group and is one of the leading job boards in Estonia. Unfortunately, we can’t say as much for CV Centrum.  Furthermore, the generalist job board doesn’t seem to have any social media.The Hungarian version of CV Keskus appeared on the scenes in 2004.

Design: It’s called CV Centrum mais it says CV Market everywhere. The job board design is quite simple: a dark blue and orange colour scheme with an emphasis on the job offers, which take up the entire homepage. The search engine (location, category and keywords) is at the top of the page and it can become an advanced search (which replaces the filters). You can choose the location, the category, the expiry date, the language, the salary, the working hours, the type of contract and you can tick the following boxes: shift work or only job offers with the salary. When looking through the industries and locations, you can see the number of job offers for each category in brackets. VIP companies and VIP job offers appear around the screen. If you use Google Translate, some information is translated incorrectly, including the publication date of the job offers. Since there are expiry dates, you can be sure that the offers are updated. They can be sorted by the date, the location, the VIP status or the salary. Standard adverts include a description of the job, the requirements, the benefits and useful information.

The job board objective: CV Centrum (which means CV centre) was an extension from CV Keskus to more of Europe. The goal is the make the job search as easy in Hungary as it is in Estonia.

Recruiter observations: 81 799 CVs have been created through CV Keskus. The form to create an advert is straightforward and easy to fill out. When browsing the CVs in the database, you have very detailed CVs, but no contact information.

Jobseeker observations: When creating an account (because you need one to apply to job offers), you have to include your last profession, your title, your gender, your mother tongue. You can hide your age and/or your gender though. Your CV can be in Russian, Estonian, English or Finnish.

The job offers: At the moment, there are 1 294 job offers on the site. The most popular categories are manufacturing jobs and administrational jobs.

Reactivity: ---

Special features: the VIP job adverts; the free CV database browsing.; the CVCentrum link collection.

Verdict: CV Centrum has questionable visibility and no social media. It is simple to use but it doesn’t seem to have made the same splash in Hungary as CV Keskus did in Estonia.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities

CV Centrum has more than 900 companies as its daily recruitment channel. Hungary's biggest, as well as small and medium-sized companies, are our best clients. All of these companies are of a high opinion about the quality and effectivenes of CV Centrum services. They trust us in a most important aspect of their everyday work: personnel recruitment and applicant management.


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