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MyJobs has been the pioneer of recruitment services in Myanmar. The MyJobs team provides combined more than 120 years of local and global expertise in human resources. Hundreds of companies and NGOs have found some of their finest employees through the MyJobs team, comprising of 50+ Myanmar nationals and sector experts from Asia, Europe, America & Australia.  

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: As the 63rd most visited website in Burma (or Myanmar, depending on your linguistic preferences), the national job board MyJobs is a pretty important part of the labour market. The website has been around since 2012, but it was only recently purchased by the Swiss media, e-commerce and entertainment company, Ringier AG. The purchase gives the group more access to the Asian market (since Burma is between Bangladesh and Thailand), and even if the website only receives 174 570 hits per month, they have an impressive 1 931 659 Facebook followers (it’s true, we checked). The website is available in two languages (Burmese and English) and most of the job offers are completely available in both languages! To prove its success, testimonials from big name customers are on the website. Finally, for those who aren’t ready to work just yet, MyJobs has a partner website with a similar design ( with courses in Burma.

Design: The homepage is all about jobs. You can either pick a sector from the top of the page (with the number of job offers per sector in brackets) or you can click on one of the company logos. There’s also a search engine, which only allows you to type in keywords. You need to enter a keyword to access the job offers and there are no filters (that’s a first for us). Each job offer has a short description of the company, some information (location, publication date) and a job description (all with icons to help those with a language barrio). Some also include salary information. To apply, you don’t need an account but one will be created for you, and you usually need to answer some questions. Once you’re done, just pick one of the many “similar jobs” on the side, and keep applying. As for the company pages, the listing displays a number of companies with their logo and the number of job offers available. Then, there is an even longer list of companies that are just the name (they are also hiring).

The job board objective: MyJobs doesn’t mess around. You came for jobs and that’s what you are going to get!

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can include customized (and sometimes, tough) questions for applicants. They have a few different services but the procedure is always the same: you have to call the job board and book a consultation.

Jobseeker observations: by applying to a job offer, your account is created automatically. They warn you that if you do not hear back from the employer, you were not hired. Otherwise, it’s rather easy to apply to offers.

The job offers: The job offers are in English and Burmese. There are over 7 000 job offers, with most of them in sales, engineering and marketing.

Reactivity: They have chat support for their users but you need to possess a Facebook account.

Special features: Similar jobs; job alerts; chat support.

Verdict: MyJobs is easy to use and a popular website in Burma. Who knows what Ringier will be able to do with the job board, but it definitely sounds promising. MyJobs could definitely use some filters though!

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Myanmar recruitment market status

Myanmar is currently going through political, social and economic revival. It has a huge quantity of natural resources and inexpensive manpower

Recruitment restriction in Myanmar

  • All employees in Myanmar must be employed under a prescribed employment contract template

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We offer solutions which enable you to recruit for all areas of your business, from entry level to Senior Executive. Our bespoke services can be tailored to meet your business requirements and range from Online Job Advertising to Search & Selection and Executive Search.

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Media Partners is the portal in Myanmar where people can find what education courses are available. It is a sister-site of


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Great job board. Basically I was looking for local candidates for a sales position.
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