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Site's statement is a job site that allows job seekers to highlight their personality in the application they submit through a short video (30 seconds) called Pitch.

Pitch (Entrepreneurship), summarizes the entrepreneurial project of a start-up in a small paragraph of 45 s (Elevator Pitch).

EDHO Consult, founder and owner of®, chose to adapt the Pitch to the job. Indeed, summarizing his person ONLY on A4 paper (CV) is no longer sufficient.'s main mission is to accelerate the recruitment process while improving relevance.

Beyond training, experience and skills recruiters are looking for personalities today. Answer the three essential questions "Who am I? " " What did I do ? "What do I want to do?" "With a good elocution (and of course a professional attire) allows the candidate to maximize his chances of getting the job he seeks because if he is selected is that he is already part of a selection Based in addition to the CVs of synthetic presentations highlighting personalities.

Moreover, the recruiter saves considerable time because he no longer needs to make a call or receive the candidate in job interview, to make a selection based on the communication (among others) of the candidate. It only has to click on the button "see the pitch".

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Pitchforjob is a multi-country job board catering to French-speaking countries

  • They host adverts for jobs in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria
  • Instead of submitting CVs, they have a strange application system where you have to submit a video application for jobs answering three generic questions, this being the ‘pitch’ for the job. This is the website’s unique point and could be effective in some cases, less so for others. The recruiter or hiring manager can then reach out to candidates who pitched themselves and ask for more information
  • You must create an account and sign in in order to send applications off
  • There are plenty of employment tips and news and updates about the working world

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

  • Participation in the Talent Career Fair Al Akhawayn 2015 and 2016
  • Presentation video on all the social networks and the channel Youtube
  • Publication of an article on the site

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