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CareerCast provides sales and marketing services for job boards and also operates and CareerCast has a portfolio of over 60 sites focused on online recruitment and is dedicated to increasing revenue and market share for our sites, as well as monetizing our audience.

Find The Best Candidate Today Reach millions of qualified candidates on and its partner job boards! When you post jobs on you receive: - Targeted Local Candidates: choose from more than 800 partner job boards to target candidates in specific locations and specialties - National Exposure: each local posting includes a free listing on - Free Recruitment Process Management: sort resumes and screen candidates on multiple job boards, all from one single location

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: CareerCast is a generalist job board with additional specialised job boards (that can be accessed through the footer). It belongs to the Adicio group, created back in 1997 and, to this day, it still has Rick Miller at the head of it. It’s a bit unfortunate to have to do some digging to learn about the site, especially since the team responds quickly (there are even photos associated to their e-mail addresses) and the portals are quite detailed. The Linkedin page is actually the Adicio page (663 followers), but it has its own Twitter (5 279 followers and the last update was in July) and Facebook (3 861 followers). It attracts 260 900 views a month (only 58% of which come from the US), but it could definitely attract more. In addition to the job offers, CareerCast writes a report on the labour market for its users. 200 jobs are ranked and explained: the stress level, work environment, projected growth are rated and the average salary is provided.

Design: CareerCast is the main job board for a number of niche job boards but you wouldn’t know it from clicking on the “Our partner sites” at the top of the page (no link is attached to it). The homepage allows you to access the job listing through the search engine (keywords and the location), the articles (which are months old), the other niche sites and the Job Rated Report. Once in the job listing, there is an advanced search (which just includes the category) and you can sort the offers by relevance, newness, featured or most popular. There are no logos, but the information is clear. The company name, the job title, the location and publication date are visible.

The job board objective: CareerCast caters to all types of jobseekers, and tries to help them make smart decisions for their future career.

Recruiter observations: Some of the packages have different costs depending on the type of position you are recruiting for (a nurse or an engineer for example). It is easy to create an account and order your job adverts online (but you pay before you can create the job offer).

Jobseeker observations: It’s very easy to create an account.

The job offers: There are 220 176 job offers. When you click on the different categories, they don’t all appear with the same layout. There are many jobs in administration, retail, sales/business development and finance.

Reactivity: In the contact information, there is no e-mail address. Therefore, you need to go through the recruitment portal. The team answers very quickly and they are helpful.

Special features: The feedback options; the Job Rated Report; the Methodology (which doesn’t work in the footer); the 10 best jobs; the 10 worst jobs (which actually offer links to said jobs); the survey; the disability portal (with its own search engine and articles) and all the other field related portals in different colours (quite impressive); job alerts; the next/previous buttons; the job rating (when you open an offer); the articles (no dates but the comments are 6 months old at the earliest).

Verdict: Some of the links in the footer look like they’re just there to take up room, some links don’t even work. That aside, CareerCast is a practical job board with something for everyone. If you’re not sure of what you want, use the general job board. If you want to remain in a specific field, take your pick from the niche sites.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities is an award-winning career portal that attracts more than 600K unique visitors with 3 million page views per month. 

Aggregators &
Media Partners also compiles the Jobs Rated Reports, where 200 jobs across North America are ranked based on a detailed analysis of specific factors including stress, hiring outlook, salary and more. The Jobs Rated Reports receive international media coverage on such sites as,,,,,, and many others.


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