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With heise jobs, which operates under the Heise Online group, you can reach highly qualified specialists and managers from the IT industry and well-trained professionals in the fields of IT, telecommunications and e-business.

The job board “Heise jobs” belongs to Heise Zeitschriften Verlag and is specialised in IT/Telecommunications. Thanks to its new layout and a range of new functions, it is now possible to possible to perform via filters an individual job research. With a job agent it is also possible for candidates to request vacancies per mail.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Heise Jobs is the job board for the German media website Heise Online, which reports on a variety of topics from IT and mobile to economics and other news since 1996. There is no information on the visibility for the job section. However, is the 61st most visited site in Germany! It attracts 33.34 million visits a month. There is no social media for the job board, but the main website has 50 136 followers on YouTube, 222 000 on Twitter, 144 220 on Facebook and 451 on LinkedIn. There is also a Xing page.

Design: To access the job board from the homepage, you must scroll down a bit until you see heise jobs on the right-hand side. Once you are on the job board, you can see a search engine (keywords and location) and some suggested categories, as well as some featured company profiles (which are completely customisable to reflect the company). The rest of the homepage displays job offers. There are no logos but you can see the publication dates, the locations and company names. In the listing, filters (professions, location, level in the company, education, qualifications, work experience, type of hours/contract) appear on the right-hand side. Application details are provided for each job offer but Google cannot translate the job offers because they are in a PDF format.

The job board objective: Heise hopes to offers its readers interesting career opportunities.

Recruiter observations: It’s very easy to order job offers online.

Jobseeker observations: You don’t need an account to apply to job offers but if you would like to create one anyway, you can create a network account. This follows a similar form to Xing, of asking questions for improved targeting.

The job offers: There are over 300 job offers on the site.

Reactivity: The team answers quickly and they are quite friendly.

Special features: The articles on the main website; the YouTube videos.

Verdict: There is no denying that Heise is a successful website, but the job board is probably a bit hard to find for the users. Even if the company pages and job offers have decent branding, it’s hard to determine how visible the adverts will be.

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