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Jobrapido lists over 20 million jobs every month, record 35 million monthly unique users, and has more than 60 million registered users. From its headquarters in Milan, Jobrapido conduct business in 58 countries, matching the right candidates with the right roles at thousands of companies around the world.

Jobrapido analyses and aggregates job listings from all over the web, so that candidates can find all relevant jobs in one place. Using pioneering technology and innovative products, Jobrapido connects the dots between great employers and stellar candidates.

From April 2014, Jobrapido is a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

  • Jobrapido is the #2 generalist job board in Italy.
  • The website is not very clear nor user-friendly as it is not possible to list all available jobs.
  • Job offers are of good quality and varied in terms of sectors and companies
  • The language options are very convenient with over 20 different languages to use on the site.
  • Job seekers can search an ad in the data base by choosing a name of a region or by proceeding to an advanced search.
  • Job posting is free, which is a real plus for recruiters.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

We bring marketing thinking to recruitment.

You’re looking for talent in a very competitive marketplace. Using the latest technology and techniques, we’ll actively and intelligently market you across online, mobile and social media spaces. By reaching, targeting and attracting the right candidates, we can create a measurable ‘hiring funnel’.

With this approach, you only pay for the candidates you can hire.

Latest innovations

  • Over 1000 companies trust us to deal with their staffing needs
  • Active in 58 countries with over 60 million registered and accessible users
  • Over 7 million job alerts sent every day

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Jobrapido Network : More than 58 countries over the world.

Mobile site
or applications

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Michalle Ganemberg  - Recruiter  - 33 reviews
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Michalle Ganemberg comment :

Good and international
Rated on 18-04-2017

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