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Jobayan is a simple way to connect job seekers and companies. Free to Post. Free to Connect. Be part of bold applicants for the new age, the only job search platform that lets you post your job preference and connect with companies instantly. 

We make job hunting more social with our unique algorithm that matches job seekers to job opportunities. Get notified automatically via email whenever we find an interest in your job opportunity or your job preference.

We simplify job hunting with our friendlier sign up forms. Apply to jobs by simply clicking the Interested Button.

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Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Jobayan is a generalist job board based in the Phillippines

The search tool is displayed on the homepage, accesible for both recruiters and job seekers who can quickly create a profile with their name, position and city. The system used by Jobayan is based on matching candidates and recruiters, which makes the hunting and recruiting process simple and fast. Once the results are shown, the search can be filtered according to the user (company/candidate) and using filters of industry and location. Sponsored job offers are featured at the top. 

Candidates can send their applications without having to register as the job descriptions show the contact details.

Companies can preview the profiles of candidates but will have to register in order to gain further information and save their profiles.

  • Users can ask for assistance through the Facebook chat option
  • The design of the website is innovative with clearly set out sections that make the user's experience uncomplicated
  • There is a small blog offering advice and tips for recruiters and candidates  
  • Website is in English

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  • Facebook Boost Posting
  • Specialized Emailer Campaign
  • SMS Blast Campaigns
  • Recruitment Marketing for your company's needs

Latest innovations

Unlike other job boards, we provide a section for job seekers where they can create post for jobs they are looking for and what location they prefer. Our algorithm will instantly match them with companies that share similar job vacancies with their job preference.

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