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Site's statement

Chile Trabajos is a job portal for an NGO of the same name located in Santiago de Chile. It is maintained by a group of volunteers and is a non-profit organization unlike most job sites. In the ranking of the website Alexa, Chile Trabajos ranks 46th nationally and globally 14810. According to this ranking, it is the most visited portal for jobs in Chile.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: There isn't much online about the company (or in the "About us" section) but the site speaks for itself.  According to SimilarWeb, roughly 1.33 million visits a month are recorded (and it's among the top sites in the country). They've covered their basis by being active and present on pretty much all the social media platforms: there are 598 818 followers on Facebook, 122 600 on Twitter, 504 890 on LinkedIn and 26 500 on Instagram. There are some videos on YouTube but the page isn't very popular. The only thing missing is a bit more transparency.

Design: On the homepage, the search engine is in the centre of the page for a keyword. When you get to the job section, you have more options (including the location, the date, the company, the category, the ype of contract and the handicapped options). Even before that though, you can see the number of offers in each subcategory on the homepage, in addition to featured jobs and companies.The Facebook feed on the side suggests that this is their social media of choice to share information. When you open a job offer, all the filter information is listed clearly above the details of the position. Furthermore, in the list, there are helpful icons for some offers (a bike to show the company contributes to transport, a tie to indicate that the company pays for the uniform, a wheelchair for disability friendly jobs and so on).

The job board objective: The name says it all: this site is for jobs and canddiates.

Recruiter observations: There is a clear recruiter page with different email addresses and a phone number. You won't find it in the contact section though. There are different plans (including free posting) and CV database access. To create an account, you need an ID to recognise your company.

Jobseeker observations: Even if it's easy to create an account (with an email or social media), there are many many fields to fill out after if you want to have a complete CV online. You need an account to apply to offers.

The job offers: There are currently more than 47 000 job offers online. Operaters, health, sales and technicians are the most popular categories.

Reactivity:  The team answers very quickly (and in English if you write in English).

Special features: The key figures on the recruiter page; video presentations; personality tests; the icons on the job offers; 

Verdict: Everything about this site points to it being a good option for recruitment in the region. It can be tedious to fill out lots of information online for a CV in the database (which means some candidates won't do it) but you can feature your offers and company (so that candidates come to you instead).

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Chile recruitment market status

The pay scale in mining areas looks appealing and since there is shortage for these skills job seekers with this background or experience are more likely to get jobs. Jobs mainly work through references as companies prefer to hire people through personal recommendations but portals can also be looked upon. Employees are to work for 45hours a week, the highest in the world. Finance and tourism sectors are showing signs of steady growth  and provide many opportunities to job seekers. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

The impact of social networking is increasing everyday, Chile Trabajos currently has about 90,000 followers on Twitter, 80,000 fans on Facebook ... figures that increase daily due to the large number of job postings we post on the Internet.

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