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The largest Job Site in Europe for Healthcare professionals

Why does an online job search have to stop at national borders? Why can't you search for a job in your native language and receive offers from all across Europe? Or just jobs in the city you live in – but also graphically displayed? Why register to receive regular job offerings? And who would like to get a job as supply chain manager suggested when looking for a job as physiotherapist?
We have answered these questions - and created a solution: The largest European-wide jobboard for healthcare professionals. With a visualisation that did not exist before in such a way. With a quality in search results that saves time and nerves. And with simplicity - so that everyone finds exactly the job he is looking for.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Let's Work is an international job board for the healthcare sector:

  • The design of the site is very attractive and clear to use
  • Not only is the site available in English, but also French and German which is very useful for international users
  • On the homepage there is a list of popular job offers and a list of job categories in different cities
  • You have the option to search by key word or job title but you cannot do a general search and then narrow down the results
  • When you do search a key word you then have to choose a country before seeing the list of results. This is really annoying as if a job seeker wanted to search for multiple countries then they will have to keep redoing the search for each country.
  • Finally when you view the list of jobs, you can clearly see what day they were published on the site, so we are able to say that the results are regularly updated and recent. 

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